10 Of The Best Google Analytics Alternatives

Ok, so we all use Google Analytics these days, but do we really question whether or not there is anything better? Well, there might just be. Even if these analytics programs aren’t necessarily better, they certainly rival Google and offer a lot, if not more of the functionality than Google Analytics for your website. So, here they are, 10 of the best alternatives to Google Analytics.

1. Mint

10 Of The Best Google Analytics Alternatives

Mint is a really cool looking analytics program that is a little different from the rest. Mint doesn’t offer a crazy amount of features as instead, it offers the information that it thinks you need and has a minimalistic approach. The cost for this starts at $30 per month, per site.


2. Reinvigorate

10 Of The Best Google Analytics Alternatives

One of the best things about this analytics alternative is that it has a lot of strength when it comes to the real time nature of the software. You can watch as visitors visit your site in real time and it even has a heatmap too. Prices start from $10 per month.


3. Mixpanel

10 Of The Best Google Analytics Alternatives

Mixpanel is yet another analytics system that is really great when it comes to real time visitor tracking. However, perhaps the best thing about this alternative is the handling of conversion funnels that they offer. Mixpanel is available both free and paid.


4. Foxmetrics

10 Of The Best Google Analytics Alternatives

This is a great analytics tool that allows you to track metrics that you really want to track. In fact, you can set up Foxmetrics to track almost anything, it could be software installs, downloads, or any other event. Foxmetrics is available for free or for a small payment.


5. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is a very popular analytics system and it is easy to see why. Kissmetrics allows you to really see what the visitor does when they hit your site and is great for improving the conversion rates with the data it offers. Kissmetrics is available from $30 per month.


6. Clicky

10 Of The Best Google Analytics Alternatives

Clicky is very simple but very functional. It also offers a lot of information when it comes to real time statistics and supports visitor segmentation. Clicky is available for free but the features are limited so it is recommended that you sign up for a paid package.


7. Woopra

10 Of The Best Google Analytics Alternatives

This analytics system has actually been developed by employees that used to work at Google and features a desktop client, data sharing API and more. You can get a 30 day free trial of this product on their website.


8. Chartbeat

10 Of The Best Google Analytics Alternatives

Chartbeat is a unique analytics system that allows you to react to real time events on the fly. Perhaps you want to promote a story as a reaction to a current event or raise your prices as demand increases. Chartbeat can help and there are even 30 day trials available.


9. Piwik

10 Of The Best Google Analytics Alternatives

Piwik is an open source alternative to Google Analytics and therefore, is completely free. It has a nice user interface and tonnes of widgets that offer a good insight into what the visitors are doing on your site.


10. Statcounter

10 Of The Best Google Analytics Alternatives

Statcounter is perhaps one of the oldest free analytics tools out there. It offers good data and although the user interface might not be as crisp and clean as some, the data is great. There are free and paid packages available at Statcounter.

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  • I’d like to recommend another tool that we use, a really smart tool. http://www.skyglue.com.

    This is a Google Analytics add-on. It allows me to track everything my visitors do on my website, click-by-click. It helped us understand what customers really want.

    Best of all, All you need is to add one line of JavaScript to your website. Everything else comes automatically. I don’t have to code.

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