3 Modern Techniques for Successful Content Marketing 

Successful Content Marketing

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Content marketing has been around for ages, even in its most modern form. All the time people have been coming up with new, more interesting and, dare we say, better ways to present content. Modern technologies have constantly been coming up with new ways and new media to do it with. Even if you think you have seen it all, it might be good to take a breather from time to time and observe what is new in the world around you, especially in your niche.


There is so much video content these days on the net that you would not be wrong to think that it is pretty much all there is. Not that long ago the world suffered from a serious lack of internet power – we were just not able to watch video with our snail-speed connections. Today, not only are we (mostly) spoiled for choice when it comes to our download (and even upload) speeds, but we are glued to our screens. The data says that 8 out of 10 adults watch YouTube every month, and 6 out 10 people prefer video platforms to live TV.

Successful Content Marketing

It is obvious that you need to have some sort of video content going in order to stay relevant. Even if you are focusing on an older audience – you need to think about the future. Adults are already very much on this train, the Millennials have grown up with it and the kids nowadays don’t even remember the world without YouTube. With video content, of course, come certain expectations. The quality, even for simple videos, has been skyrocketing. If this is something that does not interest you, or you lack the skills, it is better to find a professional to do it. Luckily, you can find them pretty much anywhere. Need a  video production company in Sydney? No problem.


Just as people find it easier to watch videos, they also enjoy listening rather than reading. When it comes to audiobooks, the world is going crazy about them as we speak. In accordance with the modern world, where we carry a small device that can do more than a room-full of electronic equipment only 30 years ago, people want things on the go. As the masses drive to work, wait for public transport, or go for a jog, they all would like to use that time to learn something new, expand their horizons or simply relax with their favorite podcast.

Again, this is where you come in – if you don’t have a podcast in 2019, you should be asking yourself why. There are currently approximately 700,000 active podcasts in 100 languages. People are talking and people are listening, and this content is being listened to at least once a month by more than 50% of the population in the US. The podcasts, unlike videos, do not require incredible quality and editing skills. Pretty much everything you need is a solid microphone and a room that is not too echo-y. Invite interesting people to converse with and talk about things you know and – voila – you have a podcast.


Amazon Echo, with its Alexa has already proven itself in homes around the world. It is little wonder then that it has at least 10 alternatives out there, all fighting for their place under the sun. Alexa is available on 60,000 different devices and it has the largest share of the US smart speaker market. It is not really space-age technology as of yet, but these numbers show that there is room for AI in people’s lives and homes, even if they only use it so that they can change a song while they are getting their hands dirty making a delicious meal.

Now, speaking of Alexa, it has something called a Skills Store. Echo owners can use any of the skills listed there, and one of them is called Flash Briefing. And this is where you should start paying attention. You can create your own flash briefings on any topic that you desire and that you think someone might want to listen to. Think of it as a “first thing in the morning people want to hear”. It could be a news-alike thing or something completely different. But it certainly is a new way to get into someone’s house with your content and they let you in – willingly.

In the end, there is only so much we can say – what is left is for you to act on it. The world has never been more open to content of all kinds. It has permeated every aspect of our lives and every pore of social interactions. Sharing it has never been easier, with a click or a push of a button, but it has also become incredibly varied. And where content goes, you better follow.


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