3 Of The Best Email Marketing Tools Apart from Mailchimp

Email marketing is something that is used by a huge number of companies all around the world (including some of the big companies out there) and if used correctly, it can be hugely effective and can only incur a small cost to your business. The trick with email marketing is of course, to have a list of people that are actually going to be interested in what you have to say to them and possible, in the products that you are selling. Once you have done this however, you need a way to actually deliver the emails to them and for a lot of people, MailChimp is the solution.

Now, MailChimp really is great and we’ll talk about it a little bit in a minute, but there are a tonne of other great options out there too that you really need to be considering when it comes to email marketing.


Let’s get MailChimp out of the way..

3 Of The Best Email Marketing Tools Apart from Mailchimp

Ok, so first of all, before I talk about some of the other options available to you, I am going to get MailChimp out of the way. There are a range of things that are great about this system including the way that you can actually send out a total of 12,000 emails per month free of charge. Now, for a lot of websites, this will be plenty as they usually only have a small mailing list. However, MailChimp does charge for anything over this.

MailChimp also charges for extra features of the system too such as email open rates and integration into other applications. This is entirely fair but it might be the case that their prices can be beaten by their competitors. As well as this, MailChimp really stands out from the crowd as it has a stunning, online email editor that actually visits your website and grabs the colour scheme. Not a lot of others do this and the templates that MailChimp have are also great.

Anyway, that’s enough of MailChimp, let’s take a look at a few of the other options you have…


#1 – iContact

3 Of The Best Email Marketing Tools Apart from Mailchimp

iContact is another one of the most well known email marketing services around and it is also just as great as MailChimp. This service is said to have more than 60,000 customers currently so it is certainly popular and with anything that is this popular, there are always reasons why. One of the cool things about this application is that there is a built in HTML and WYSIWYG editor so editing those templates is easy, no matter what amount of HTMl or coding knowledge you have. This allows you to really get things moving in just a few minutes.

As well as this, the tracking and reporting features that are present in iContact are really great too. There are more than 250 email templates for you to choose from and customise which means that you will be ready to go in absolutely no time at all.

Another cool thing about iContact is that there is actually a 15 day free trial available. This allows you to really take a good look at the features and decide if this is the one for you. If you only have a few emails to send, you can actually pay per email too which is a great, and cheaper option for those low volume mailing lists.


#2 – Constant Contact

3 Of The Best Email Marketing Tools Apart from Mailchimp
Constant Contact

Again, Constant Contact is a mailing system that we are sure you will have heard of as it is another big name is the world of email marketing. A unique thing about this service is that there are also ways to send out surveys and event marketing services which a lot of the other options don’t have available.

In terms of the templates that are available from Constant Contact, there are not quite as many as with some of the other services but there are still 50 + at least. These all look very professional and you would be happy to use any of them on a professional email marketing campaign. The reporting features that are available through Constant Contact are also very professional and makes tracking response rates, open rates and more extremely easy.

Perhaps the best thing about Constant Contact is that prices start from a tiny $15 per month and you can even opt in for a 60 day free trial. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to enter credit card details to get this which means you won’t be automatically rebilled by mistake.


#3 – Get Response

3 Of The Best Email Marketing Tools Apart from Mailchimp
Get Response

If budget is an issue for you, then this is a really good email marketing service that costs a little less than many of the competitors out there. Get Response is available free of charge, but only if you are sending less than 10 emails per month. Other packages start at just $18 per month.

There are a lot of cool features of GetResponse including the email to speech system, that allows people to listen to emails that you send with just one click. There is also an iPhone app and video email marketing options. As well as this, there is a huge range of templates for you to choose from; in fact, there are more than 300 of them. Again, this has good tracking options too.

If you are happy to pay for 6 months or a year in advance, you can also benefit from discounts on offer from Get Response. This is currently either a 15% discount or an 18% discount. Either way, its a nice saving.



In conclusion, MailChimp seems to be the one that gets talked about the most these days but it needs to be noted that there are a lot of other good options out there too including the ones that we have mentioned on this list. Like any product, you should shop around before making a decision and if possible, try out their free trials.

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