3 Of The Best Payloadz Alternatives

When it comes to delivering digital content to people online, you might think that your options are pretty limited but the truth is, there are a lot of services out there to help you. Of course ,you can opt for manually emailing every digital purchase that you get on your own, but if you are selling hundreds or thousands of products every single month, this can get a bit time consuming and really, there is no need to waste your time on doing this. Now, PayLoadz is probably a solution to this problem that you will have heard of and many of you might already use this to deliver your digital downloads. However, there are many alternatives out there that are better and cheaper in a lot of cases. Here are some of the best.


#1 – Plimus

3 Of The Best Payloadz Alternatives

Plimus is definitely a great solution for the digital download problem if you don’t want to use PayLoadz. This service has been around for quite a while now and has established itself as one of the best digital download solutions out there. However, there is actually a lot more to Plimus than first meets the eye.

One of the great things about this solution is that it is great for affiliates, developers, sellers and even shoppers. Plimus will allow you to sell and distribute digital goods with ease online and it even includes deliveries on mobile devices. In terms of Plimus for sellers, this is a very attractive option. There are no upfront fees at all and you’ll only pay anything to Plimus themselves when a sale is made. This means that there is no risk at all for sellers. As well as this, the prices are very competitive in this area and you can even market your products in a number of ways too using the coupon generators, promotion generators and more. The types of content that you can delivery with Primus include many things such as games, ebooks, videos, music and many others.

If you’re looking to create your own affiliate network, this is also something that you are able to do with ease. There are more than 50,000 affiliates with Plimus already so you are going to be able to find a great marketplace to sell to. If you are an affiliate, there are also plenty of products on Plimus that you can market.

Overall, this is probably one of the best solutions out there if you are looking for something other than PayLoadz.


#2 – JVzoo

3 Of The Best Payloadz Alternatives

JVzoo is a relatively new service when compared with PayLoadz and many of the others out there but it is certainly making a name for itself quickly. This is mainly due to the huge benefits that this service offers over things like Plimus, PayLoadz and many others.

First of all, JVzoo is completely free to join. There are no upfront fees at all. JVzoo will completely automate the process of the digital delivery of your product much like PayLoadz but this product really comes into its own when you look at the fees. There is no upfront fee as we mentioned and the percentage fee per sale is just 5%. Yes, you will have PayPal fee’s on top of that too, but this is still pretty low for digital download solutions. If you are selling high cost products too, your commission per sale will be capped at $17. This means that if you are selling anything over the cost of $340, you will actually be paying less than 5% commission per sale. JVzoo will allow you to sell your products in a number of marketplaces and they will even generate the buttons for the sales for you at no additional cost.

You can also manage an affiliate network with JVzoo as there are many affiliates already on the site just waiting to begin selling your product. This is definitely another great solution.


#3 – PayDotCom

3 Of The Best Payloadz Alternatives

PayDotCom is a very well know alternative to PayLoadz these days and it is used by millions of sellers and affiliates all across the world. PayDotCom has actually seen people making millions of dollars through the site as the affiliate network is huge.

With PayDotCom you are paying a little more than with other services, but you have a lot of advantages with one being the affiliate network. PayDotCom works with PayPal like many other solutions out there and the process is of course, completely automated. The good thing about PayDotCom is that you don’t have to wait any time to receive your payments as payments are actually instant. PayDotCom is one of the few solutions to do this.

Again, if you are looking to promote your products to affilaites, then PayDotCom is the place to do it. You can choose the amount of commission that you offer and you can also track and clicks, sales and conversions of your products. If you are an affiliate yourself, then this is a great marketplace with thousands of products to choose from. You can earn up to 80% on some products too and signing up as an affiliate is completely free of charge.

PayDotCom allows you to add product lines, create instant order buttons for your website and allows you to sell at whatever price you desire. They pay you instantly and buyers can use credit cards, checking and many other methods. PayDotCom is definitely one of the top alternatives to PayLoadz out there.



So, there are definitely a lot of other solutions to PayLoadz these days and as we are sure you will agree, a lot of them are actually better. A lot of people prefer to deal less with PayPal too so these solutions are great for those people. Of course, you can even sign up for many of these solutions if you like and want to attract affiliates from many of the networks.

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