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4 Facebook Marketing Tips For Businesses

Facebook has to be one of the best ways to get your message out there as a brand as there are just so many people using the site, you need to be involved. Social media has pretty much taken over our lives these days and basically, if you aren’t involved in Facebook and Twitter, as well as a number of other social networking websites, you are missing out and more importantly, your business is missing out too.

The problem is, a lot of people don’t think marketing on Facebook works as they aren’t using the website properly. There is nothing worse than having a Facebook page for your business and simply posting out spammy rubbish that your fans aren’t going to be interested in. So, follow the tips below and you’ll have a much better Facebook marketing campaign instantly.


#1 – Find The Best Times To Post

4 Facebook Marketing Tips For Businesses
Facebook Insights can help you see how well your status was received and how many people saw it.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is an international brand or a small local company, this is something that you still need to look into before posting. Usually, there is a certain time of the day in which people are more likely to see your content and then, ideally, share it. This is usually because people are on Facebook at a certain time of the day as they will finish work or at the weekend, have come back from wherever they’ve been.

Finding this time is not that hard for a local business marketing theirselves in one particular area as it is usually quite obvious. If you are focussed on just one country or state, then chances are that the best time to post out a status is around tea time or just after, when people are most likely to be using the social networking website.  However, if you are trading in more than one time zone, then you have to think a little bit more. Perhaps there will be a few times that work if you have fans from all over the world and you need to be aware of these.

For example, if you have Facebook fans in the UK, Australia and the US, you might want to post out statuses a few times a day as a poor time in one part of the world might be a great time in another part. You can use the Facebook insights tool to see how well your message is being received.


#2 – Don’t Just Talk About Yourself

This is one of the most common mistakes that brands and businesses make on Facebook, they just post about their selves. A lot of the time, it is good to post about your own company as really, this is why you have fans in the first place. However, if you are just posting about things such as working with a client or perhaps what the weather is like in the office, they might get bored. You need to keep your audience engaged and often, this can even entail posting content that is on other websites apart from your own.

Basically, share anything that you think will interest your audience that fits in to your brand identity. So, if you were a web design company, you might post out an article that you saw on a website which tells people how to make their website more user friendly easily. Or a video about how to perform basic SEO tasks. You really need to think about your audience when deciding what to post but if you do, you will be rewarded with shares and eventually, more fans.


#3 – Make Your Fans Feel Important

4 Facebook Marketing Tips For Businesses
Coca Cola status asking their fans to comment on their thoughts and keeping them feeling important and engaged.

This is yet another mistake that a lot of brands make, they don’t involve their fans enough. There have been so many Facebook pages I’ve come across with that really aren’t engaging with their audience. Post things out that you know will make them feel important. Ask them what they thought to your products or services and even get them involved with new decisions. Perhaps you’re thinking of introducing a new product or service and you want their opinion. This gives you a huge opportunity as a business as you can find out firsthand what your clients or customers actually want.

You can also make sure that your audience feels engaged and important but joining in discussions. If someone posts on your page about how happy or unhappy they were with your business, let them know that you care. Tell them that you are thankful for their comment and that you are happy/unhappy about how they feel about your business. People love this kind of thing and it shows that you care.


#4 – Use Sponsored Posts

4 Facebook Marketing Tips For Businesses
Use Facebook Sponsored Posts to promote important messages. It can be money well spent.

On average, not everything your brand says will actually reach all of your customers. In fact, Facebook is constantly trying to monetise their site and recently, they introduced something called sponsored posts. Basically, this allows you to pay Facebook if you have something important to say that you want all of your fans to see. On average, without paying, your brands message will only been seen by 16% of your fans. If you pay Facebook however, it will be promoted and will be seen by a lot more.

Obviously, you can’t be paying Facebook every time you update your status but this is a great feature for things like new product launches or promoting competitions. Use it wisely and you are sure to be impressed at the response.



In conclusion, Facebook has to be one of the most excellent ways to market your business so long as you use it properly. There are a lot of different things that you can do with Facebook and considering that almost any target market uses the site, it can be extremely powerful. Follow the tips above and you are sure to have a lot more success on the social networking website when it comes to promoting your business.

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