4 Tips to Bulletproof Your Rebrand Launch

Brand Launch

Faced with a decline in sales of Vegemite, Kraft’s Australian wing tried to get closer to the consumers by creating a new product line. The actual strategy was great, as it revolved around their consumers’ engagement – the spread was launched with no name, and it was on consumers to suggest the best fitting one.

Still, the results this strategy delivered were far from stellar. The name which the company finally chose – iSnack 2.0 was so out of touch with their target audience that it threatened to completely alienate consumers and damage the parent brand.

Even for the biggest companies, rebranding can end up in failures and misfortunes. Still, others manage to pull it off perfectly and bring new life into their companies.

In addition to your brand’s makeover, the way you manage the process plays a crucial role too.

If you want to revamp your brand, here is how to do it successfully.

Brand Launch

Plan it in advance

One of the best ways to avoid all the possible pitfalls and make your rebranding go smoothly is by preparing everything in advance.

When your brand reboots, you want it to be consistent, and the new assets should be effective immediately. You should make sure each touchpoint between your brand and the various audiences it communicates with is updated. Here are the things you should consider settling before the rollout:

  • Corporate identity: business cards, mailing labels, envelopes, letterheads.
  • Marketing materials: catalogs, giveaways, brochures, etc.
  • Administrative materials: invoices, company checks, order forms, memos, etc.
  • Website, social media platforms, email addresses, email signatures, metatitles etc.
  • Interior and exterior office environment.
  • Vehicles.
  • Uniforms and other wearables.
  • Product packaging.

Failing to prepare all the touchpoints before the launch can have negative effects on the rebranding process, as it can result in brand inconsistency and cause confusion in your audiences. To make the most out of your rebranding efforts, consider partnering with a top digital advertising agency in Melbourne, and have both the strategy and its execution covered.

Create a style guide

If you want your reboot to maintain the quality and consistency, you need to ensure every piece of content your employees create accurately represents your rebrand.

A style guide that your employees can easily access, understand and implement is essential for fulfilling this goal.

Make sure your style guidelines have everything covered:

  • Core brand identity – vision, mission and values.
  • Verbal guidelines – tagline, value proposition, voice and tone.
  • Visual guidelines – logos, fonts, typography, colors, etc.

Your style guide should also contain many practical, real-world examples showing your employees the worst and best practices.

Internal launch

Start the rollout with people who work with your brand every day – your employees. They need to be fully informed of the reasons behind the reboot, and familiar with all the details before the external launch.

The internal rollout should take place four to six weeks before it gets public, as you need to dedicate enough time to communicate all the changes to your staff. Think about organizing some workshops and events for your employees, during which you’ll be able to give them a complete walkthrough, and explain their role in the process.

Encourage your staff to communicate their concerns, give feedback and ask questions, and make sure they know who to contact if they are having any doubts.

Reboot externally

Apart from having your employees prepared and your rebrand embedded within your business, there are a couple of other things you can do to make the official launch run smoothly:

  • Tease your customers and followers using social media posts or emails. This will boost their excitement.
  • Use PR. Be active and engage the media, announce your rebrand in press releases and have someone ready to do the interview and tell your brand story.
  • Incentivize your brand ambassadors with discounts to spread the good news about you on social media.
  • Have your customer service ready to answer your customers’ questions.
  • Have promo assets for every platform ready.

Remember that it will take some time before your rebrand is completely accepted by your target audiences, so even a little bit of overcommunicating won’t do your business any harm.

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