5 Important Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

Why Your Business Needs a Website

No matter how small a business, no matter how well it might be doing in the local community, every company needs a website in this digital day and age – and for a number of important reasons. Having a website is no longer just about marketing to a digital audience, or satisfying the needs of the search engines, because having a company website serves numerous purposes, one of which is to let you stay in control of your brand’s reputation and image in the competitive industry.

Think about it, if you don’t have a digital presence, you are not only letting your competitors slowly but surely sway your customers to their side, but you are also making yourself vulnerable to malicious online intent. For example, your competitors might be looking to undermine your authority online as we speak, and you might not even be aware of it because you don’t have a website, or a dedicated digital marketing team. With all of that in mind, let’s explore the five important reasons why your business needs a website.

Why Your Business Needs a Website

Build credibility and let customers research you

Nowadays, almost every potential customer or client will first search for the business they’re interested in on Google, research the website, and only then make the decision to get in touch. In fact, as much as 97% of consumers currently use some form of online media to research local businesses before deciding to make a purchase, which creates a huge potential for long-term customer acquisition as well as retention if you choose to build and launch a website. Needless to say, you can’t allow all of that growth potential to go to waste.

Yes, you can achieve a lot by only launching and managing social media pages, but that’s not enough nowadays, especially if you’re selling physical products. You need an optimized website that can meet customer expectations, provide all of the necessary information about your business, and emphasize your competitive advantage and your unique selling point – this is also how you build and maintain credibility in a competitive industry.

Authority, reputation, and awareness

Speaking of credibility, keep in mind that having a website is just about the only way to build your brand’s authority and reputation in a saturated marketplace, and one of the only ways to build brand awareness organically. You can achieve this through a number of digital marketing tactics (more on those in a bit), but the key takeaway here is that running a website allows you to control the narrative surrounding your brand, engage with online audiences, and make your presence known to the world.

All of this combined will ultimately bring more people to your store, and elevate your customer acquisition strategy. But beyond acquiring new customers, a website is one of the most powerful ways to inspire people to keep coming back. Without a website, you’re allowing your competitors to woo your customers with their digital offers, discounts, and loyalty programs, all of which you can launch yourself to boost long-term brand loyalty.

Create effective CTAs

If you are looking to attract more leads, sell more products, grow your social media following or email subscriber list, you need a clear and convincing CTA. Sure, you can use other marketing channels to evoke action, but a website is a perfect vessel for calls to action.

Having a website allows you to create landing pages and offer exclusive content to those who subscribe to your newsletter or leave their valuable contact information you can use to lead them further down the sales funnel.

Additionally, you can also integrate call to action directly into your domain name. Just take a look at the way an online conferencing and meeting tool join.me used a personal domain with .me extension to create a smart and effective call to action for their website.

Expand into the online marketplace

It should go without saying that, even though it’s not the only way, having a website is the best way to expand into the online marketplace and sell your products to the online consumer base. The online world is your playground, and you can choose to stay a local brand, but you can also choose to start selling to a global audience. However, you need to optimize your store first and choose a reliable platform.

To become successful in the competitive online market, it’s important to learn from experienced Shopify experts who understand what makes the Ecommerce market tick, and choose a platform that can easily accommodate all of your products and provide you with the necessary features to build your competitive advantage. It’s a necessary investment with a high long-term ROI potential, as expanding into online commerce will allow you to grow exponentially.

Find new local and global customers

Once you establish a digital presence, you can choose how you want the future of your brand to unfold. If, however, you choose to remain offline in a digital age, then you are bound to your local market, and growing your business will prove to be an insurmountable task. Venturing into the online world grants you access to your entire local community through a number of marketing channels, but it also allows you to think globally, and develop your international expansion strategy to become a global brand.

Open up lucrative marketing opportunities

On a final note, consider all of the marketing opportunities that come with a digital presence. Having a website allows you to take advantage of all those effective digital marketing tactics that will put your business on the online map, help you build your brand’s reputation, engage with your customers, and position your company at the top of all relevant search results. In turn, all these tactics will skyrocket customer acquisition and retention.

Wrapping up

There is no denying that every business needs to have a website, but the reasons behind go far beyond marketing and reputation management. With these insights in mind, go ahead and invest in a digital presence that will take your brand forward as a whole.

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