Actionable eBook Marketing Tips You Can Use Right Now

eBook Marketing

So, you have finally finished your first eBook.

You wrote a catchy intro.

You adapted the topic to your audiences’ needs.

You made the eBook highly informative and engaging by including relevant statistics and quotes.

You incorporated high-quality visuals.

You created a killer landing page for your eBook.

Yet, it does not generate traffic and leads.

Why is this so?

While writing a high-quality eBook requires lots of time, planning, and strategizing, this is only half the job done. The other half is marketing your eBook strategically and getting noticed by the right audiences.

Let’s learn how to promote an eBook.

Repurpose your Ebook

One of the best ways to boost the reach of your eBook, increase traffic, and gain more quality backlinks is to turn it into different content formats.

For example, you could convert your eBook into a podcast episode. Or, you could break up your eBook into a series of blog articles or newsletters. Turn your eBook into highly shareable content pieces, such as SlideShare presentations, image quotes, or infographics to increase social shares and engage users.

eBook Marketing

Once they read your repurposed content, users should visit your website and purchase the eBook. That is why you should not forget to provide a backlink to it, along with a persuasive CTA.

Create Strong Visuals

When not planned and created strategically, long-form eBooks can distract your audiences instead of engaging them. To prevent that from happening, you should focus on creating strong visuals:

  • Make sure your eBook colours match your brand colours.
  • Choose font pairings and use them consistently.
  • Highlight important quotes and statistics to grab users’ attention.
  • Use relevant images, infographics, or charts to increase users’ understanding of the material.
  • Preserve enough white space to ensure the easier flow of information.
  • Maintain content hierarchy – content should be written logically and easy to follow.

Design and format your eBook to make it visually appealing and professional. While there are many free eBook templates and graphic design tools you could use, consider consulting a professional graphic designer to help you. Your goal is to create a consistent piece of content with authentic, on-brand visuals. Make sure graphic designers collaborate with your content team or hire an agency that provides both content creation and design services. For example, the Infostarters epublishing services include both content research and design, making sure that your textual and visual content will work in harmony.

Provide Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Statistics say that 84% of consumers trust online reviews the same way they trust friends and families’ recommendations. Logically, one of the easiest ways to inspire them to convert faster is to display customer reviews and testimonials.

In digital marketing, social proof is one of the most effective tactics. And, the example of the Good Book of SEO backs me up on that. Its authors focused on gathering users’ reviews and testimonials across multiple channels. For starters, the book is sold on Amazon that provides relevant customer reviews and ratings. The fact that this is the highest rated book on SEO on Amazon gives it credibility. The author also created a dedicated website for the book, where they publish testimonials by eminent people in the industry. They also promote the eBook on Goodreads. Its Authors program is a brilliant option for your eBook promotion, as people can rate it, review it, mark it as “Read,” add it to their reading wish list, and even see who is currently reading it.

By collecting reviews on multiple channels, you will build trust with your prospective users, grow your industry authority, and inspire people to subscribe and purchase the book faster.

Offer your eBook for Free

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many digital marketers unlocked their premium content. For example, you can now try Moz Academy or take Ahrefs’ Blogging For Business course for free. You could do the same with your eBook. For example, you could offer the entire eBook for free for a limited time. Free stuff and exclusivity are a match made in heaven. Knowing that they can get your exclusive eBook without spending a dime, people will gladly give you their email address.

Start by generating buzz around your eBook giveaway. Use social networks to build anticipation with your followers. Send emails regularly to keep users informed. Create dedicated landing pages for followers to leave their email address and download your free eBook. Write a PR article to inform the public about your eBook giveaway and gain many backlinks from authoritative industry sites.

With the help of these tactics, you will put your eBook in front of wider audiences and generate loads of qualified leads. Above all, people will start talking about your book and emphasizing its benefits. Once the giveaway is over, your eBook will be perceived as a highly authoritative piece of content and people will gladly pay for it.

Over to You

If you lack time or resources to promote your eBook, start small. The tactics mentioned above are the basics of eBook marketing. They are simple and easily implementable, helping you market your book to the right people and boost conversions.

Have you ever written and promoted an eBook? What tactics did you use? We are listening!

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