Best Tips to Use Psychology to Improve Your Business Marketing

Online marketing masterclass

Ask any experienced business leader and they will tell you that successful marketing depends on your ability to influence customer behavior consistently. If you manage to influence your customers’ decision making process, and inspire your online and offline target demographics to naturally gravitate towards your brand, you will have executed your success strategy and set the stage for long-term business growth. Remember, when you’re in demand and when people know about your brand, conversions will come all on their own.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s easy to build an effective marketing strategy, especially if you are operating in a saturated industry where the competition is fierce. No, you need to know what you’re doing, and you need to utilize the key psychological tools that will influence your customers’ mindsets, and inspire them to take action. Let’s take a look at the four tips that will help you achieve this goal.

Online marketing masterclass

Emphasize customer emotions over rationale

First and foremost, always keep in mind that customers respond better to emotional messages, brand stories, and marketing narratives, than they do to content that is trying to appeal to their rationale. When people buy, they do so to satisfy their emotional desires, even though they might be basing their desire for a new product or service on rational reasons. Be sure not to confuse the rational desire to own something new with the actual decision to purchase a particular product, because your customers can find the same thing on your competitors’ websites, so they need an emotional incentive that will inspire them to buy from your site.

With that in mind, your marketing campaigns should focus on creating emotional narratives that will help your customers distinguish between products and brands, and base their decisions on positive emotional triggers. It’s important that you use all key marketing elements to achieve this, such as:

  • Relevant and catchy headlines and slogans.
  • Brand values that complement the values of your customers.
  • Written content and stories such as blog posts, long-form articles, personalized emails, and social media posts.
  • Product descriptions that balance rational and emotional copywriting.
  • Visual content that complements your brand identity but also helps associate positive emotions to its colors, typography, and all visual elements.

Capitalize on social proof

Building social proof is one of the most important marketing tactics in the modern business world. So important, in fact, that it has transcended marketing and has nowadays become a full-blown business strategy. This is simply because the online marketplace has become oversaturated in every industry in the world, and business leaders need to find ways to make their brands stand out in a sea of competitors. At the same time, customers are becoming increasingly wary of scams, so they are looking for companies with social proof they can trust.

Your focus should be to build social proof on your website by integrating a handy tool like Cue that will display notifications to your website visitors when someone else makes a purchase, which will validate their decision to visit your site, and motivate them to put their trust in your brand as well. The result is a higher conversion rate through brand loyalty and trust, which is a recipe for repeat business and one of the best ways to take customer retention forward.

Use reciprocity to your advantage

When you do something good for your customers, chances are that they are going to respond in a positive way. Sometimes, this means that they’ll spread the word of your brand to family, friends, and their social connections, and sometimes, they will respond by purchasing something from your site. In fact, they might even do both, but it will depend on the value that your initial gesture brought to their lives. In other words, you have to give something in order to receive something in return.

Reciprocity should be at the forefront of every marketing plan that aims to make a company grow, so be sure to make freebies an integral part of your campaigns. Offer discounts and deals without expecting anything in return, ship free samples with every product, hand out free eBooks and valuable content, and just build a brand image that’s founded on giving instead of receiving. Before long, people will start to take notice, and respond in kind.

Inspire action through brand visibility

The final psychological “trick” that’s also one of the best marketing tactics in the whole of digital marketing, is to invest in brand visibility through search engine optimization, as well as strategic advertising. SEO is the key tactic that will get your brand noticed in the online world, as it will help you climb the SERP ladder, which will help you build brand visibility, reach, and authority in your industry.

On the other hand, you also want to build brand visibility through targeted advertising, as it’s important to position your brand above your competition in organic searches. Combining these two tactics will get you noticed more online, which in itself is a great psychological cue that will influence the customers’ decision-making process.

Wrapping up

Psychology is an integral part of modern marketing, which is why you should prioritize it in your own marketing strategies in the future. Use these tips to successfully influence customer behavior and inspire people to engage with your brand.

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