Fake Twitter/Facebook Followers; Pro’s and Con’s

Now, we are sure that you have all heard about buying things like Twitter followers and even Facebook fans for your businesses page and some of you might even have already gone out and bought a load. They are certainly easy to come across but the question is, is this really a good use of your time and money. Many would think that they most likely are not as really, they are not going to contribute much to your business. However, we thought we’d have a good look at the pro’s and con’s of buying Twitter followers as well as followers on other social media sites.


Why Do People Buy More Followers?

Fake Twitter/Facebook Followers; Pro’s and Con’s
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Building up followers on Twitter or Facebook can take a lot of time indeed. In fact, to build up a few thousand followers on Twitter is probably going to take you at least a few months, and that’s if you’re regularly posting and engaging with the community. So, it is easy to see why people opt for buying followers as they can be added in just a few minutes and without effort. They are also readily available for just a few dollars on sites like Fiverr too.

Now, the main reason that people buy followers is in order to make them or their business look more professional and more well established. It is true that having a good amount of Twitter followers or Facebook fans will make you look as though you have been around for a while but if you haven’t, people might start to realise your tactics.


Buying Twitter Followers Pro’s and Con’s

Fake Twitter/Facebook Followers; Pro’s and Con’s
Twitter followers are available cheap and fast.

One of the pro’s when it comes to buying Twitter followers is what we mentioned briefly above; it will make you or your business look more popular and well established than it actually is. This might be a good thing on the surface and with it costing just a few dollars to do this, you would probably think this is a win-win situation. Another positive thing about doing this is that if you’re only bothered about the number of followers you have, it takes a lot of effort out the equation for you. You won’t have to sit around for hours chatting on twitter and posting out content, you can just wave goodbye to a few dollars and you’ll be ready to go.

Now, on to the negatives. The biggest negative is that these followers mean absolutely nothing. When you pay for followers they are likely to be inactive users of users that are entirely fake. As well as this, in a lot of cases they will unfollow you after just a few days which means that your money was entirely wasted. The fact that these followers are not really active on Twitter means that they are never going to share your tweets or any of your content. This is the reason that you build up a following on Twitter so it makes absolutely no sense to bother with fake followers.

Another con is that you might actually end up getting your account banned by Twitter if you are using these spammy tactics. This means that if you have a good number of organic and real followers before you purchased followers, you will lose this loyal fan base.


Buying Facebook Like’s Pro’s and Con’s

Fake Twitter/Facebook Followers; Pro’s and Con’s
Facebook Likes can be bought from a number of websites on the net.

Buying Facebook Likes is much the same as buying Twitter followers, it is a process of trying to appear more professional and better established on social networks. However, it is just as spammy as buying Twitter followers and although one of the major pro’s will be that you will appear to have a lot of interest in your page and therefore build up trust instantly, it might still not be a great tactic for your social media campaigns.

One of the pros that Facebook has over Twitter is that others are unable to view exactly who likes your business page. This means that if you have bought a few thousand fake followers, no-one is going to be able to check them out and see if they are fake or not. On Twitter, it is possible for anyone to see who follows you and they will often be able to tell that they are inactive or fake users.

One of the cons with Facebook is exactly the same as with Twitter, you are not going to see any increase in your engagement on the page. This is because as with Twitter, most of the followers will be spammy auto generated followers that have no interest in your or your business. This means that links will not get shared and you will not be able to use the Likes to attract traffic to your website, as much as you might try.



In conclusion, buying followers and fake Facebook likes is as spammy as placing links to your website on a gazillion low quality directories. These fakes followers and likes seems to be an ever growing industry at the moment with more and more people investing in them and although they might be good for some people, we would recommend that if you’re trying to build up a legitimate online business or online presence for your business, you shouldn’t bother.

Instead, take some time to actually get to know your customers and contribute to the world of Facebook and Twitter. You will find that if you are friendly and do a good job representing your brand both online and offline, you will see followers and Likes come naturally. It is also a good idea to integrate the social media platforms into your website as much as you can as a way to receive real, engaged followers and likes on these social media profiles.

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