Finding Really Great Guest Posts

Finding Really Great Guest Posts
Traditional Guest Post Search

Ok, so here we have yet another post about guest blogging but I think that it is for good reason. There are a lot of people these days looking for guest posts every single day. In fact, there are far too many people looking for guest posts every single day as they believe that this is the key to having a fantastically well ranking website. Well, the thing is that this isn’t always the case.

There are a few things that are not good about the world of guest blogging just recently with one of the major ones being that it has turned into a spammy world. Sure, it is pretty easy to get a guest post featured on a website but are you really looking for the good ones and are they really offering value to a blog?


Guest Posting Problems

Finding Really Great Guest Posts – Another site often used to find guest posts

Ok, so since the Google Penguin and Panda updates, we have seen a lot of people realise that they can’t keep doing the same old spammy link building and link purchasing. This is great, but once again, the world of SEO has gone and found a way to make something legitimate spammy as hell.

I do a lot of guest posting, and this is because a lot of clients currently want this at the moment. However, I don’t always agree with what they want. A lot of clients come to me and they ask me for 5 or 10 guest posts per month. Some of them have guidelines as to what they want and others don’t. Even those that have guidelines are not really thinking about what guest blogging is all about. Guest blogging was originally a way for experts in a particular niche to share information that they held with the world and a well known blog with high traffic. Because it had high traffic, and a well-engaged community, they would get a link in return for their post and some of the community would take a look at their site, thus generating targeted traffic with a nice bonus of a link.

Now, guest blogging is all about the link. People are now looking at websites and checking things like Mozrank, Pagerank etc and deciding whether they want to guest post on it. This is all well and good and yes, you can find a lot of great guest blogging opportunities like this but be careful.

More and more blogs are cropping up in which people are buying domains that are aged and plonking any old site on their just so they can charge £20 for a guest post.

This is really not what you want. You want to make sure that the guest posts that are you obtaining are of high quality and are going to be offering something to your site. Often, just looking at the statistics are not going to help with this.


Finding Great Guest Posts

Finding Really Great Guest Posts
Ok, not the best way to approach a webmaster so structure something better!

Ok, so here is what I think is the biggest secret to finding great guest posts; don’t look for guest post opportunities. Most of you (including myself) will be searching for sites that have a guest post submission page or a page that explains how they allow guest posting etc. Well, I think the way to really get an incredible link from a website is to actually search for sites in your niche that don’t usually allow guest posting.

Of course, the statistics are still important and there is no point picking a poor quality site, but by doing this you are going to be one of just a few people who have external links on that site, thus making your link a lot more powerful. I have done this before and convinced a webmaster to let me post on their site without any mention of guest blogging being on their site and the article was definitely a success. Webmasters can be convinced so long as you have something good to offer them.

Now, you might not think that this is worth it as you might be able to find three, lesser quality guest posts the standard way in the time it takes to find just one this way. But here’s why I think it is worth it:

Google will soon be clamping down on guest posting as it has become extremely spammy. In a way, they already have as they know some guest posts are a load of sh**. However, Google is just going to get more and more strict with these and will eventually penalise those that have tonnes of guest post links pointing towards their site from a number of different websites.

Google also looks at the number of third party links from websites and the quality of those links too when determining whether it is a good guest post or not. By making sure you are only posting on the best quality sites, you are going to lose the risk of penalties from Google, which is always a good thing.


Final Thought

Of course, it isn’t always possible to do this otherwise you would be getting one link a week perhaps, but it is something to consider. At least try to get guest posts on the sites that don’t usually allow too many guest posts. Get posts on sites that are new as well. It might seem stupid to get posts on PR0 sites but who knows, in a year or two it could be a PR6 site.

Remember, don’t go crazy with the guest posting but DO do it. It is a great way of getting really good high quality links and more importantly, targeted traffic that are going to care about what you have to say.

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