How to attract and retain the best SEO talent

Every business has a company culture; this culture could have been come into intentionally or unintentionally. If your company has a poor culture or it’s been neglected entirely (also a company culture), it can cause a high turnover of staff as well as problems with recruiting.

A positive company culture has the potential to make your company stand out from your competitors which would in-turn increases the calibre of applications you’re receiving when recruiting.

The online marketing industry can be a confusing for people on the outside looking in. For business owners that don’t know their SEO from their SEM or CRO, how do they go about hiring the best SEO talent to help you meet your overall marketing goals?

Find the best SEO talent

This post is going to look at ways that businesses can retain the best SEO talent as well as recruiting new ones. 


The first and most important step of this process is understanding the overall business goals and how the SEO role is going to help you achieve your goals.

  • Retain

With regards to retaining talent, knowing that your employer understands your job, knows the impact of your SEO efforts and his expectations are realistic then both parties should be happy. There is the potential to be taken advantage of if you do not understand the role you hired an employee for.

  • Attract

With regards to recruiting SEO talent, understanding the role you’re recruiting for allows you to know exactly what you are looking for. The process of interviewing potential employees can be a daunting and stressful experience and when you don’t understand elements of the role you’re recruiting for interviewees can say the right things that could get them the job only for you to find out they don’t know much once they start the job.

Employee wellbeing

Investing in the wellbeing of your employees not only contributes to reducing retention within the organisation, it is also a major factor when employees are considering joining your company.

  • Retain

In order to retain current employees, they need to know that you as an employer cares about their health and wellbeing. Using employee benefits programmes allows you to show your staff that they are appreciated which could improve productivity, engagement and retention

  • Attract

Introducing an employee benefit programme can help you attract high quality staff. Services like medical, dental or life insurance, having access to employee wellbeing experts or even discounts can make all the difference to potential employees. These benefits all contribute to setting you apart from your competition and making you more attractive to new employees.


Progression is a basic human instinct that applies to every aspect of life, nobody wants to remain stagnant in their personal lives or at their jobs.

  • Retain

Because a job applicant becomes an employee doesn’t mean you should neglect them and concentrate on incoming employees. To effectively retain your employees, they need to know that they are not stagnant in their position. When a role become available you should first try to recruit from within before going external. This way you give your current employees the chance to progress within the company before bringing someone in externally.

  • Attract

Employers can attract potential applicants to their organisation by highlighting the possibility for progression within the company. They need to know that they’ll be able to develop new skills, get more responsibilities and a higher pay.

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