How To Create The Perfect Landing Page

Landing pages are webpage’s that are usually used in order to get a visitor to carry out a particular action. Perhaps you want them to sign up to your mailing list or perhaps, you want them to opt for a free trial of your product there and then. Landing pages are designed to make this happen and there are a number of different areas that you will have to think about if this is your aim. Unfortunately, landing pages do require a little bit of common sense, but there are a few guidelines that you can apply to almost any landing page.


#1 – Have an eye-catching heading

This is perhaps one of the most important parts of a landing page; the heading/title. This is what will initially grab the attention of the visitor so it needs to be short and snappy and also be presented well. A lot of people make the mistake of poorly optimised headings on landing pages, and this is something that you should never do.

Make sure that your title is also very relevant if you are using services such as Google Adwords to get visitors to your website. Google will determine the relevance of your site based on a number of factors and the relevance of the content actually on the site will be one of these. By ensuring that your title is short, snappy and contains your keywords if possible, you will give the search engines and customer what they need.


#2 – Include a video

How To Create The Perfect Landing Page
YouTube - A great choice for landing page video embeds

Now, we know not everyone can do this one but if you can, you will find that your conversion rate will more than likely shoot up. This is because video is more popular than ever and if you can actually show your visitors what it is that you are offering, without them having to read all that sales copy, you are definitely going to see a better response.

Ideally, videos should be included above the fold, meaning that they are visible when the user visits the website without them having to scroll down at all. This is a big thing when it comes to the conversion rate of the page so make sure that it is done. Also, no-one wants to be spending a good couple of hours watching a video so make sure that it is short and sweet.


#3 – Ensure great grammar and well structured content

In an ideal world, the copy on a landing page would be created by a copywriter (and a good one at that) to ensure that it really sells your product. However, we realise that many of you will be on relatively small budgets and therefore, you will not be able to hire one of these right away.

This isn’t a problem however, but you should still ensure that you give it your best shot. Make sure that your grammar is perfect and that you give your product a good name. Make sure that you are writing with selling the product in mind and you will have no problems.


#4 – Clear call-to-action buttons

How To Create The Perfect Landing Page
"Send A Giftrocket" - A nice big call-to-action button

Of course, perhaps the most important part of any landing page is a call to action button. essentially, this is just a button that asks the user to do something. It could be a buy now button, a download button or a free trial button. Whatever it is, make sure that it is placed within easy reach, that it is large and that the user is bound to click it.

Another thing to note when choosing the call-to-action button is the colour. Believe it or not, the colour of the button can make a big difference and so can the colour of the overall webpage. There are a number of websites that can tell you the different meanings of different colours; for example, red being a sense of urgency and so forth. It might be best to take a look at these if you can and structure your design around a certain colour scheme.

Please ensure that the call-to-action button does stand out however.


#5 – Include testimonials

This is something that a lot of landing pages do and it is usually very effective. The good thing about the testimonials is that it will put trust into your product and service as you will have customers saying great things about your business. One of the things that you can do, which may improve your conversion rate is to actually include video testimonials. Visitors much prefer to see videos rather than having to read a tonne of sales copy so if you can do this, this would be great.


#6 – Have a great design

How To Create The Perfect Landing Page - A well designed landing page.

This one is actually the one that always gets neglected when people create landing pages and it doesn’t make sense. Usually, people will just download a rubbish looking template when it comes to landing pages and these will not fit in with the rest of the site. This is a mistake and the more personalised a landing page is, the better it will appear to the customer.

If possible, ensure that the landing page fits in with the overall look and feel of the website. Use the same CSS styles and the same layout (to a certain extent). Just because it is a landing page doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style and beauty.



In conclusion then, a landing page needs to do one job and do it well. A good landing page will convert at somewhere between 20 and 30 percent. Poor ones will convert at less than this. if you take everything that we have mentioned into consideration, you are more than likely going to end up with one great landing page. if you make sure to split test your designs too, you will be able to see what works the best.

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