How to do content creation properly

Content creation is one of those things that is essential for absolutely any online project. When I say content creation, I am talking about a number of things but the one that will probably spring to mind for most people is written text. Although this is the most common kind of content on the internet, it is quickly becoming more image and video based and we have to remember that these are forms of content too.

No matter what kind of content you think of however, one thing is for sure. It is all becoming a watered down load of nonsense and this really annoys me. So, we’re going to examine how to do content creation properly.


Lesson #1 – Understanding content

As I briefly mentioned above, content is a variety of things. It could be a video, an article, an image or anything else you can think of. However, we need to think about what content is for in order to be able to create it properly.

The whole point of content is to offer a visitor to your website something useful or insightful. It could also be to offer something funny or controversial. Whatever it is that you want to offer, this is what you want to offer. The most important thing is that you offer something that isn’t around anywhere else.

Of course, you might disagree with this if you have a news website or something similar, as there will be thousands of people reporting on the same news stories. But it is simple once again, you need to offer something unique. Perhaps it could be a video, an image or simply better written content. Whatever you do, it is important to be unique.


Lesson #2 – Figuring out how important content is


Here is something that is crazy to me. When people start a new website, they are often willing to spend hundreds of pounds on creating a wonderful looking website and then, they go and fill it with rubbish content that is just a bunch of fluff. This is totally wrong.

In reality, content is actually more important than the overall look of your website as if your website doesn’t offer anything to people, they are going to leave it regardless of whether it looks stunning or not. So, you need to realise that it is extremely important and start getting good content instead of average or poor content.

If you are an SEO, you should already know how important good content is. Good content will attract links and will then improve your search engine position leading to more visitors. For any website, more visitors will mean more revenue, whatever your business model is with it.

So, let’s hope that you now understand the value of good content!


Lesson #3 – How much is good content?

How to do content creation properly
Class example of low cost content on forums

Here’s where everyone is going to be unhappy about this whole thing. People, somehow have become used to spending crazy amounts on content. When I say crazy amounts, I mean crazily low amounts. You can go on almost any forum these days and you will find people willing to write a 500 word article for as little as just $2 – $3. This is crazy. Think about it, this is the cost of a cup of coffee so why would the content you’re getting for this price be so great.

Yes, I agree, what you get is good for your money usually but it is by no means good content. This will never be written in proper English and your visitors will know this. if you are looking to attract links and the right crowd to your website, you need to be spending more than this.

As I mentioned before, why would you spend just $2 on a piece of content when you will spend $500 on a website. Let’s take a couple of hundred dollars off that budget for the perfect website and add it to the content budget.

Here is a bit of a price guide that I think is about right for content. You should be looking at no less than $2 per 100 words, even for just decent content. If you want something really special, you can obliviously pay anything you like. Infographics and videos are probably the most expensive forms of content but they attract attention and set you apart from the crowd like no other.


Lesson #4 – Media content isn’t always good content

How to do content creation properly
YouTube – the home of most video content

So, you’ve made the decision to opt for an infographic or a video on your website, well done. However, you aren’t there yet. If you apply the same logic as most people do to standard, written content when you are producing a video or an infographic, you are going to expect the world for a small amount of money and end up with something of poor quality.

The truth is that just because you have a video or you have an inforgraphic, you don’t necessarily have good content. In fact, if you get a poor video or a poor infographic, you may as well not have bothered. However if you do this properly, you are going to get far. You will start to attract links and social shares and who knows what else!

Please, remember that “video is good for SEO” is just a phrase. In reality, it is what video brings that is good for SEO and if the video isn’t good, it won’t bring this. Same goes for an infographic or even image.



In conclusion, it is just common sense. Think about all of the things you love on the internet or any articles you have bookmarked. Chances are that you bookmarked them because they offered something that was mind blowing. With some many people creating content these days, you need to offer something special otherwise you will get lost in the crowd for sure.

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  • Do you seriously consider $2 per 100 words a reasonable price for a writer? I currently charge $60 per 400 word blog article for a variety of clients, and they’re happy to pay it because I do good work.

    I absolutely agree that website owners need to pay in order to get high-quality content, but when I say high-quality I mean unique, creative, original, rich content that isn’t going to be identical to what they will find on 100 other blogs. Doing that takes time, and I expect to paid well for it.

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