How To Improve Your Blog

These days, everyone has a blog of some kind. It doesn’t matter whether you have a blog as part of your website or a standalone blog using the WordPress system (or another system), there will always be ways to improve your blog. According to the latest statistics, there are actually more than 70 million WordPress blogs out there which means that any kind of blog is going to have a whole lot of competition these days.

With so many competitors in whatever niche your blog is about, you are really going to have to pull out all of the stops to ensure that people keep visiting your blog and you grow your fan base significantly. Luckily, we’ve rounded up a few tips that you can definitely use to improve your blog in no time at all.


#1 – Target your audience

You probably believe that you are already targeting your audience with your blog. If you have an SEO blog, you might be writing posts like “Best link building techniques” or “Best on-page SEO 2012”. If this is the case, your topics are still quite broad and although you might be hoping to attract a larger audience by doing this, really aiming your content at one specific group of people can often be better.

Let’s say that you decided to aim your blog at just on-page SEO methods. Chances are that there are not too many other blogs that tackle this subject in as much detail as you. Other blogs are probably covering the whole SEO process and there will also be tonnes of them. By really creating a niche for your blog and offering expert advice that is offered very few other places, you will actually build a larger fan base.


#2 – Manage your social media platforms

How To Improve Your Blog
Twitter – Probably one of the best social networks to promote your blog.

These days, people are using social media more and more and it can be really powerful for getting targeted visitors to your blog. However, you need to think about what social media platforms your target audience are likely to be using. Obviously, the two biggest ones are Facebook and Twitter but it might be the case that your target audience uses LinkedIn more. This would probably definitely be the case for a business blog.

By thinking about what social media platforms your target audience are using, you can make sure that you are putting more of your effort into that platform. Ideally, you should only be putting the most of your effort into one or two social media platforms so you can maximise the return. Whatever platform you are using, keep it updated and share content that might not even be hosted on your site too, so long as its relevant.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t add social sharing buttons for other social media platforms on your site or even use other platforms, it just means that most of your effort should be concentrated in one particular area.


#3 – Get personal

With millions of blogs being created every year, you need to offer something that is really going to bring the visitors in. One of the things you can do is make your blog more personal than your competitors. Think about it, would you rather have content that was created with stock images that anyone could use and offer nothing unique or would you rather have content that features personal images and videos.

The more personal you can get, the more you are likely to attract an audience as people will be following you rather than your content. They will gain trust in what you have to say and will be interested in your personal viewpoints too. Getting personal could include a number of different things including putting images on your site, videos, podcasts; anything. Just make sure it’s unique.


#4 – Organise your blog well

How To Improve Your Blog
SeoMoz – A very well organised blog.

There is nothing worse than a poorly designed blog. Not only does bad design make finding things harder, but it also makes things harder for the search engines. Make sure that things are clear. If a visitor comes to your website from the search engine or from a referral, chances are that they are going to click away instantly if they don’t appear to be visiting an authoritative, trustworthy source.

Other things to take into account here are the positions of the social sharing buttons, newsletter sign up buttons, Twitter/Facebook buttons etc. The better positions you can get for these the better your site will perform and the easier it will be for you to grow your audience.


#5 – Write about interesting topics

How To Improve Your Blog
Googles Keyword Tool – A good place to start when looking for interesting topics.

You could spend hours writing an incredible post but if no-one actually wants to read about what you’re talking about, you are not going to see much of a success. Blogging is all about providing what people want to hear about. If you aren’t doing this, then you shouldn’t be blogging. There are a number of different ways that you find out what your readers might want to read about including using Google Analytics data, Google’s Keyword tool or even asking them.

You should also bare in mind what people might want to read about at the moment. Has there just been some news within the niche that your blog is related to? If so, write a blog post about it and optimise it for the search engines a little too. Write about what’s currently and keep things fresh. This will be a big deal for both your visitors and search engines alike.



In conclusion, blogging can be successful but you are going to really have to work at it. Building that audience is your number one priority and although it will take some time to do it the right way, it is well worth it in the end.

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