How To Make More Money With Your Blog

Blogging is all the rage these days as more and more people turn to letting the world know their feelings over the internet. Some blogs have made it pretty big over the years, with blogs achieving millions of unique visitors every month. Unfortunately however, a big percentage of blogs fail and never really get the visitors they deserve. There’s a lot of reasons for this but often, it can simply be because they are not making enough money and thus, the owners of the blog lose faith in them.

While blogging is something that is going to take a while if you want to do it correctly, it is important that you make at least some money from it if that is your goal. Here are a few things that you can do to make money with your blog that might not be your number one idea.


#1 – Publish a book

Ok, this is probably a money making scheme for a blog that is pretty well established but when it is done correctly, it can make some serious money. Let’s say you have a good monthly readership that would definitely be interested in purchasing a book from you. Obviously, you should write one.

By book, we mean a real book. Not a digital download of any kind but a proper, paper book. Of course, these have more costs associated with them but they also get a lot more authority. Real publishers sell millions of books while anyone can get an eBook together in just a few hours. EBooks are not always very high quality.

As well as this, you can sell a real book for more money than an eBook usually meaning that it is a great way for you to make extra money from your blog.


#2 – Use

How To Make More Money With Your Blog – Great for selling ad space.

Selling advertising space on your blog is probably the number one way that bloggers earn revenue from their blog and perhaps one of the best sites for selling ad space is This site allows you to set the price you want to charge for your adverts and then everything is managed by the website, for a small fee of course.

Popular blogs often consistently make thousands of dollars a month from selling ad space on so it is definitely a good option for a well-established blog.


#3 – Create your own digital download

Digital downloads are extremely good for making money and there are a lot of different things you can offer. Traditionally, people will offer eBooks for a digital download but you can really offer anything. You could have a video series, software; anything. By creating your own product, you will have full control over the quality and your visitors will be more likely to buy something from you rather than a clickbank product that you are selling on someone else’s behalf. It will also make you more money as you will be able to keep 100% of the revenue.

As well as this, you can also put your products on affiliate networks like Clickbank and let others sell the product for you too. This is pretty simple to do and if you have a good product, offering a decent amount of commission, you are probably going to be able to get quite a few good affiliates on board quite easily.


#4- Join an affiliate programme related to your niche

How To Make More Money With Your Blog
AffiliateFuture – One of many affiliate networks.

One of the best things you can often do on your blog is to add affiliate links. These could be banner ads, text links or anything else you like. If the affiliate program is related to the niche of the blog, you have more chance of selling a product. For instance, let’s say that you have a blog related to fitness products, you could add an affiliate link to some nutritional supplements. These are probably more likely to get a purchase than if you were advertising mattresses on your blog.

Think outside the box when it comes to this. Try and get a good product if you go down the affiliate route as so many blogs simply have poor products and this affects the overall quality.


#5 – Find Sponsors

If you regularly post content in video form to your blog, this one can be a little easier but still, you can find sponsors for a regular blog. Sponsors will basically pay to have their brand or message on your blog or vlog. If you have an audience of a million people on your blog, brands are extremely likely to pay good money for you to feature their brand on their website or have a “brought to your by…” link.

A lot of true bloggers are never that fond of this route as it can look like selling out. But, it does allow you to run your blog as a full time job and allow you to have more time to create good blog posts for your readers too.


#6 – Build a membership site

How To Make More Money With Your Blog

Membership sites are probably one of the biggest earners in the blogging world. If you have a desire to create something yourself, then a membership site can be a very good idea. Charging just a few dollars per month to be a member of your site can bring in a substantial amount of revenue if you get a few hundred sign ups.

Think about it, if you had 200 members paying $10 per month, that would be a huge $2000 per month in revenue for your blog.



Making money from your blog is not usually that most difficult part, it is growing an audience that is likely to spend money. Still, with a big of time and effort and well written content, you will be well on your way to making this happen for sure.

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