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How To Make SEO Less Boring

Let’s face it, SEO isn’t the most interesting task in the world and usually, it will be quite a focussed task of link building meaning that you will be sat in front of a computer screen most of your days. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing and I believe that SEO doesn’t have to be as boring as people think it is. Most people assume it is a boring task of building a million links a day but really, SEO can be quite interesting and far from boring. Here are a few of thing things that you can do to make SEO a lot more interesting.


#1 – Get Creative

How To Make SEO Less Boring
Mashable – The site every SEO wants a link from!

What separates a good SEO from a not-so-good SEO? Creativity. Believe it or not, SEO is one of the most creative tasks out there. A lot of people think that the creativity is left to the web designers but really, SEO is just as creative a lot of the time. Why is this? Well, SEO is actually an art form in my opinion. A good SEO knows what people will want to read, see or listen to and thus, what people are likely to link to. This is not as easy as simply building manual links on people’s blogs or elsewhere, it is an art form as you have to think outside-the-box.

If you look around on the internet for SEO’s you will get a lot of mixed opinions as to what you need to do. However, the most successful SEO’s are always the creative ones. Think about it. What’s going to be more powerful? A link from Mashable or Forbes or 10 links from bog-standard websites. To answer this question, you have to think about which is easier to get. Now, an experienced SEO can get 10 decent links in a day or two but not all experienced SEO’s know how to get a link from these high ranking websites as this requires some creativity.

The good news is that getting creative like this can often be a lot more interesting than simply sitting for hours on end building links. Of course, I’m not going to deny that doing this will never be a part of SEO as it is, but the fact of the matter is that creative linkable, highly-creative content is something that not everyone can do. Getting creative will allow you to do something a bit more fun and in return, hopefully get those desired links.


#2 – Outsource The Boring Work

How To Make SEO Less Boring
Freelancer – A great place to find freelancers to outsource work to.

As mentioned above, I’m definitely not saying that a lot of the work that an SEO has to do is boring but there is a solution, outsource it. The trick to being a good SEO is to be the brains behind the whole operation. Decide where you want people to get links, what type of links you want them to get and how many of them you want and you can outsource the work to someone perfectly capable of doing it.

There are plenty of people to outsource work to, but if you plan to find people on forums then I highly recommend that you use someone trustworthy as a lot of these people don’t know what they’re doing at all. Let’s say that you decide you need 10 guest post links (good ones of course) but you can’t be bothered to actually look for these guest post opportunities and contact the webmasters, well, there’s bound to be someone that would be willing to do this for a small fee and this leaves you to focus on other more creative things such as creating a stunning infographic or creating a viral video.

I’m sure it is these kinds of things that you would much rather be focussed on? Isn’t it?


#3 – Aim High

How To Make SEO Less Boring
Forbes – Yet another website every SEO would like a link from. Always aim high!

Strangely, I think this is something that makes SEO a lot more interesting. If you aren’t aiming high enough, you aren’t going to have a very fun time. What do I mean by this? Well, let’s say you’re looking to get a few guest posts published. There are plenty of blogs out there that basically advertise the fact that they allow guest posts. Often, these will be inundated with posts and thus, your guest post won’t be half as valuable as if it was published on a site that doesn’t usually accept these.

Another thing is that this is a boring task. The fact is that you know these people accept guest posts and you know that while their websites might be quite decent and good to mix in with your whole SEO campaign, they aren’t absolutely brilliant. Now, if you want to aim higher, two things need to happen. You need to put a bit more effort into finding sites you want a link from and then, you need to figure out how you’re going to get that link. With guest posts, it might mean being a little more creative with your writing.

If you’re aiming super high, then you really need to go back to point #1 of this post and get creative. The more creative you are, the more chance you have of getting the link you want.



So, what should you take away from this post? Well basically, you should take away the fact that SEO doesn’t have to be boring but in particular, good SEO doesn’t have to be boring. It is usually those that are following how things are done by the book that have the most boring time. Those willing to try new things and really get their creativity pumping are much more likely to succeed in the SEO world.

Never be afraid to try new things, if you think something it going to get you a good link or go viral, go for it, so long as the cost isn

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