How to use Fiverr for Social Media Marketing

Before I start out with this post, let me just say that I know what you’re thinking; you’d be mad to use the SEO services that are on offer on Fiverr! You know the ones I mean, the ones where someone tries to sell you a hundred thousand backlinks for $5 that will be delivered overnight or the ones where someone will submit your site to a gazillion directories for $5. These are not good deals although they might appear to be good deals on the face of it to some people.

So, first things first, you’re right, you shouldn’t be using any of these Fiverr gigs for building links to your site as they are more than likely going to get you penalised and if not, they aren’t going to have much of a positive effect at all. So what do I mean when I say use Fiverr for SEO then? Well, I’ll explain.

How to use Fiverr for Social Media Marketing


Lesson #1 – 99% of the stuff on Fiverr will be no use for SEO

Following on a little bit from what we mentioned above, it is important to remember that 99% of the stuff on Fiverr that claims to be an SEO gig will not be any good for SEO. As well as the things that we have mentioned above, you get people willing to write poor guest posts claiming they will be posted on PR9 blogs and all sorts of nonsense. Basically, you need to avoid these like the plague!

However, here is the good part. Around 1% of the stuff on the site is brilliant and if you are willing to get a bit creative, you can really use Fiverr to your advantage. Now, on to discovering that 1% of gigs.


Lesson #2 – What kind of gigs should you look out for?

How to use Fiverr for Social Media Marketing
Searching for “SEO” on Fiverr.

When browsing Fiverr, I’d be very wary of anything that has SEO in the title. The reason being that these are going to be the gigs that are complete nonsense. Now, as you know, social media/networking and SEO are very much intertwined these days and if you have been following the world of SEO, you will know about the increased weight that Google has been putting on Social media when it comes to SEO.

I suppose you could say that Fiverr is best for Social Media rather than SEO, which in a way is true, but because they are so intertwined, you can see how they can benefit each other.

So, what are you looking out for then? Well, basically, you want to be looking out for those people that are willing to post out your link on their Facebook or Twitter profiles (preferably Facebook if possible). The reason for this is that this actually goes beyond SEO as it will get you some actual human visitors (which is the point of SEO in the first place).

Now, before you decide that this is useless, let me explain a bit further. I can 100% confirm that this is far from use as I have tried this myself. If you find someone with a decent Twitter account and/or Facebook account that is willing to post your link on their page for $5, you’re onto a winner if they actually have good engagement on their page/profile.


Lesson #3 – Avoiding those with no-visitor engagement

Now, I am sure that at some point in your every life as an SEO/Internet Marketer, you have come across people selling Facebook ‘Like’s and Twitter followers. If you have come across these, then I am sure that you already know how these are usually just a big bunch of automated followers that are never going to interact with your business or care about what you have to say.

Now, in order to get $5, some people use these pages on Fiverr. They tell you about how they will post your links to 100,000 people but what you won’t realise is that they will never click or engage with your link as they don’t care.

This is why you need to check out the pages first. See if their statuses are getting ‘Like’s or shares if you are looking at Twitter. See if they are regularly posting out spammy nonsense or not. It should be viewed in the same way that you would usually get a link, you should be looking for quality pages/profiles.


Lesson #4 – Ensuring that the page/profile is relevant

How to use Fiverr for Social Media Marketing
The currently lovely, Twitter homepage 🙂

I just thought I’d mention this as we don’t want people forgetting. Just like with regular links from guest post or whatever, you need to make sure that the social media profile is relevant to whatever link you’re going to pay to have posted. For example, if you have a link to a health product, it probably isn’t going to fit in on a car-related Facebook page.

Of course, this is just common sense but I thought I’d mention it nonetheless!


Lesson #5 – Optimising your site

Now, this is the big one. Whatever you’re posting a link to on these social media profiles, you need to make sure that the content is optimised. By this, I mean it needs to have social sharing buttons in a prominent position so any visitors can easily share your content. You also need to make sure that your content is well-written and relevant!

Doing this really does make a huge amount of difference. The reason for this is that because you are getting your initial visitors from Facebook/Twitter, your visitors are going to be guaranteed to be actively involved with social media. This means that the chances of them sharing something they liked with friends are high. This means that you get an increased chance of your content going viral and of course, those all-important social signals for SEO!!



Doing this well and really thinking about what you’re doing will get you tonnes of social backlinks to your content if it’s done correctly. Sure, they’re all no-follow links but that’s irrelevant as any good SEO would understand. Honestly, I did this on my site that had zero traffic and it brought in around 100 visitors in a day! If you’re lucky, you might attract some links elsewhere too.



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