Increasing your Email Response Rate

Email is one of the most widely used forms of communication in this modern day and it is easy to see why. It is simple, cheap and quick. In fact, a lot of us will use email for a number of different things but one of the things that webmasters, SEO’s and so forth will use email for is actually contacting other in their industry.

This is extremely common in the world of SEO. We will often use email as a way to reach out to webmasters in order to acquire links to our own websites, submit guest posts and so forth. Now, email can be extremely time consuming, especially if you are reaching out to a lot of people which is why you need to figure out how to get the best response rates so that you don’t have to sit there for hours sending out tens, or even hundreds of emails.

Here are a few tips to help you increase your email response rate easily.


#1 – Target the right people

Increasing your Email Response Rate
Localizer Leads Tool – A cool way to find those that might be interested in your services.

It doesn’t matter what you are writing your emails for, whether it be to acquire a link ,form a business deal or even get a meeting with a company that you believe might be interested in your services or products, you need to make sure that the people you are targeting is extremely well thought out. In targeting the wrong people, you will simple waste your own time and their time and no matter how well your email is composed, you probably won’t get a response, sale or conversion.

So, you probably think that you are targeting the right people but are you really. If you are targeting bloggers in a specific niche for a example if you are a link builder, you might want to think about the quality of the blogger rather than just contacting hundreds of them. Think about which ones will be interested in what you are offering and only target them. It’s a simple task, but it is one that is often missed out by so many people.

You can use cool tools such as the Localizer Lead Tool to find those to contact…


#2 – Write a catchy title

Increasing your Email Response Rate
Write a catchy title for your emails to attract attention.

When your email lands in the recipients inbox, the first thing that they will see will be the title of the email. This means that it is the title of the email that is responsible for whether or not the recipient opens the email or not and looks inside. SO, you can see how important ensuring that you write a catchy title is. In fact, the title can make or break and email as if no-one opens it, it was completely pointless to send it out.

Although you need to try and create a catchy title, it is very important to stay true to the contents of the email. “You have won blah blah blah” might seem like a good,. catchy title but if the email is nothing to do with this, then it was all pointless and will simply alienate the recipient and ensure that they lose all trust in your and your company. The title should be short and to the point, and it should also leave a little bit of information to be desired so that the recipient opens the email to find out more.


#3 – Don’t make your emails to long or short

The length of the emails that you are sending out can also make or break the situation. Writing a long email might seem like a good idea as it will include a lot of information but often, people will see all this text and will click the delete button. People can’t usually be bothered to spend the time reading paragraphs and paragraphs of text so you need to bare this in mind.

In the same way though, an email that is too short is also not really any good when it comes to conversing to customers. If your email doesn’t offer enough information and is just a one-liner, then people are going to be left in the dark about what you are offering and therefore, won’t be interested in following anything up further.

So, what you need to do is to try and create the best of both worlds. Create an email that is neither too long or short and ensure that it contains all of the information the recipient is going to need. A couple of paragraphs is usually a good amount for any email like this.


#4 – Use the names of the recipient

Increasing your Email Response Rate
Find the names of recipients on their website.

Ok, this is a really important one that once again, is often neglected by so many people. People much prefer emails that they believe are personalised for them. They don’t like being one of a million people that an email has been sent out to and one way to ensure that the emails offer at least some personality is to write the recipient’s name in the email.

Of course, finding the recipient’s name will often take a bit more work but if this gets a better response rate (which is almost always does), then it is well worth that little bit of extra time. Usually, names can be found on websites or even on peoples Facebook pages. Personally, we think it is better to spend that little bit of time finding people’s names and sending less emails than sending tonnes of non-personalised emails.



In conclusion then, writing an email that gets a better response rate is quite straightforward. You need to make sure that you are writing everything to the point and not making everything too long (or short for that matter). You need to make sure that you measure the response rates and then try a few different things t see how they compare. Doing this will allow you to come up with the perfect email marketing template for any business.

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  • Doing this will allow you to come up with the perfect email marketing template for any business.

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