Link Building Techniques to Stay Clear Of

Link building is one of those things that is constantly evolving as Google and other search engines change their algorithms. This is usually because the amount of link manipulation that you see on the web we are sure that if you have your own website, you will have come across this when people with poor websites have ranked higher than you. These changes in algorithm are good but they usually mean that some link building techniques become less valid.

There are a lot of SEO’s out there that are still using really poor techniques however and following the penguin and panda updates, these really need to stop being used. In this post, we are going to talk about some of the link building techniques that really should stop being used by SEO’s, even though some of them might not technically be black hat.


Bad guest posts

Link Building Techniques to Stay Clear Of
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Ok, let’s get this one out of the way first of all. Since the Penguin update a few weeks ago, people have been going guest post crazy which is really not good for the SEO world. As soon as guest posting becomes the be all and end all of SEO, Google will change their algorithm once again and things will get messed up.

This is inevitable but the truth is that guest posting will always remain a great way of link building, so long as you do it properly. Because of this penguin update, SEO’s have been getting guest posts anywhere and everywhere but we still need to remember what guest posting is all about. Guest posting is great for sharing an opinion with an audience that might be interested in your website/blog.

So, this means that if you are getting those easy to find guest posts on poor looking, low traffic websites, you are going to end up getting penalised eventually. You need to make sure the websites are in your niche and that they offer something beyond the link. This is the part that a lot of people always forget. A good guest post will gain traffic from referrals from the website itself and that traffic will then convert on your own website if done correctly.

If you are posting on unrelated niche websites then you need to stop as you’re going to get found out eventually or even worse, if you are working on behalf of clients, get their sites penalised. Like every other link building technique, guest posting is only good if done correctly.


Article Directories

Link Building Techniques to Stay Clear Of
Ezine Articles: A popular article directory

Right, this will not be popular with a lot of people more than likely but in my opinion, there is absolutely no point in article directories. I believe that places like Ezine articles have passed their use in the SEO world and that now, you don’t need to submit articles to these kinds of sites at all.

Think about it, there is always somewhere better to post your article than Ezine articles. Who really looks for information on Ezine articles? Article directory articles are not going to get many social shares as they aren’t going to get much traffic. Yes, you can control the anchor text of the link and if the contents decent, it will be worth a bit but I believe this is wasted effort. What’s the point in having a super high quality article created when you’re going to submit it to these rubbish websites. Find a real blogger, with a real audience and get it posted there. This will be much better for you and the other blogger in the long run and you will also establish great relationships.


Social media and social networking websites

Link Building Techniques to Stay Clear Of
Twitter: A great social networking website

Again, this is going to stir things up a bit but it’s something that is once again being ruined by a lot of people in the SEO world. Google has basically told everyone that you need to get active in the social media world in order to get good rankings and yes, this is what a lot of people have done. However, once again, people are doing it wrong.

Social media and social networking websites are only good if you use them properly. Google will figure it out if you don’t. Unfortunately, a lot of people are just making accounts on hundreds of social networking and social media websites, getting a link from the profile and then leaving them. Why would you do this?! Not only has Google explained that social media is important for rankings but active participation in social media networks is great for marketing too.

Being active on just Facebook and Twitter is much more important than getting links from Pinterest, LinkedIn, Squidoo blah blah. being active will actually lead to social media links and if you are talking to people, it might lead to links on their own website or even partnerships too. Social media the greatest marketing tool of the 21st century. Use it properly.



In conclusion, it’s pretty simple. You just need to use your common sense and if you think that a technique is just getting you a basic link, then it is probably not going to be worth your effort. Use your judge to judge how good sites really are and whether they have traffic. Get involved with tools like MajesticSEO and SEM rush if you really want to get to the bottom of things too.

The important thing to think about is that you need to think ahead. Every other SEO is looking at the latest algorithm changed and getting worried. Predict Google’s next move and you’re going to be a winner for sure.

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