The Role of Technology in Event Management

In-person events are invaluable when it comes to achieving key business objectives, and companies, no matter what niche they fall into, are investing a significant portion of their marketing budgets for these purposes.

The advancement of different technologies has made an important impact on the whole process, as event technologies are used in every phase of the event, from budgeting and planning to registration, security, and the event follow-up.

With the newest technology trends, such as the 5G network, event management will gain an opportunity to once again implement new solutions and offer an unforgettable experience to visitors, and thus make business objectives even easier to achieve.

event management

Here are a few ways in which technologies are used in event management.

Advertising the event

Technology is widely used nowadays for advertising purposes. From sending emails to promoting your event on social media, technology offers you means to reach your target audience in a fast and reliable manner. With the use of automation tools, you can easily segment the audience for your event promotion, and send a more personalized message to prospective attendees. It also gives you a chance to collect data from your attendees, and use it to improve your future events.

Increasing engagement

Although technology may seem contradictory to the very purpose of in-person events, the truth is that if it is used appropriately, it can bring various benefits. Event planners are often facing the challenge of how to boost engagement during an event, and technologies can help them make the whole event journey more interactive and thus, enjoyable.

A good way to increase engagement is to use a live response system, allowing the audience to ask questions during the event using a social media platform or an app. Relevant research in this field has concluded that using live response tools brings 80-90% increase in attendance.

You can use various polls, surveys, and contests for increasing engagement of your attendees, and also gather important data which you can later use to further personalize your service.

Make communication consistent

Using technology in event management can make your communication with the visitors seamless and much faster, which is extremely important when you need your communication to be consistent.

Having an application for the event you are managing gives you the opportunity to personalize messages to your visitors and deliver them effectively so that they can carry out the desired action.

This kind of effort is valued by attendees, as 83% of them find such an app effective in making the event more enjoyable.

Increasing your network

When it comes to generating new quality leads from your events, social media channels play a significant role in expanding your network.

Event planners use social media during all phases of event management. Apart from promoting and driving attendance to the event, social media is often used during or after the event for promotional purposes, by providing live streaming or reliving event highlights on the channels of their choice.

Stats say that one-third of your attendees will also record videos or take photos during the event and post about it on social media, which can make quite an impact on their own personal network and turn into a word-of-mouth recommendation for your brand.

Managing attendees

Technologies are also used for smart visitor management, as they can simplify the process by sending notifications of attendees’ arrivals and checkouts in real time. This takes away the pressure of administrating new arrivals, and your attendees will benefit from reduced wait time and the fast greeting when they get to the event.

Having an event app with such advanced features can also let you send VIP and Security alerts, thus taking your visitors’ care to the next level and leaving nothing to chance. Your visitors will also be able to provide you with their feedback on the event afterward, and you can use this information to improve customer satisfaction.

The “wow” effect

Technology is often used to make an impression and fascinate, and new technologies will definitely open up space for wowing your audience.

Robots and drones are expected to be used during events for various purposes. Robots can be used as booth attendants, bartenders or personal assistants, while drones can take aerial videos and photographs, as well as monitor security during the event.

The development of 5G network will finally bring augmented and virtual reality to life, and the event users will soon be able to enjoy an impressive AR/VR experience at the events. When combined with the latest wearable technology, these experiences can significantly boost user engagement.

The use of projection mapping is expecting to rise also, as it can be to used to transform any space by adding various design elements, without actually altering it. Event planners will now be able to use more imaginative solutions and customize the space according to their ideas while creating a unique experience for attendees.

The role of technology in event management is expected to increase in the near future, and significantly enhance the experience of attendees. The use of technology solutions will also continue to simplify minor tasks so that event managers can focus on really important ones.

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