The Ultimate Guide to Finding Freelance Work Online

Working on a freelance basis has to be one of the best ways to work possible. You are not tied to the projects that you undertake as you are able to choose which ones you do. However, freelancers always encounter one big problem; there usually isn’t enough work for them. Now, this shouldn’t be the case because if you think about it, there are a huge amount of freelancers out there, all of whom have some work meaning that you can have more.

With freelancing, you just have to know how to attract work and attention for yourself and there are a number of ways that you can do this online.


Get yourself a website

Whether you are a major company or freelancer, you should still have your own website as this is, in effect, your shop window. As you undertake projects, you will more than likely build up a portfolio and what better place to put all of your projects than on your website.

Your website will more than likely attract some custom after a while if you get an SEO in and get it ranking for your desired terms, but a website is more than this. It is something that you can direct people to from anywhere in the world where they can look at your work, your prices and so forth. This means that you can show anyone on the planet your work, just by sending them a URL.

Your website will be the basis of all of your freelancing efforts so make sure that it is of high quality. You can print your website on flyers, business cards and many other areas. You can also post links to your website on other websites.


Join freelancing websites

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Freelance Work Online
Odesk - A great freelancing website

As a freelancer, you will probably already know that there are a lot of websites out there where you can get work. Websites such as and a few others are great places to start; also springs to mind. These are websites where people will post projects that they have and will be looking for a good freelancer in order to do the work for them.

This gives you an opportunity. There are actually people on these websites that have a budget set aside for work and you, as a freelancer can bid on this work. If you offer something that no-one else does, such as a low price or a great quality product, then you need to make this your USP and get as much work as you possibly can.

These websites can be great ways to not only get freelance work in the first place, but also build up your portfolio and make some great contacts. As you get better ratings and feedback on these websites, people will learn to trust you more and you will be able to get even more work from these websites. Make sure that you join a couple of these freelance sites at least and check for work on a regular basis.

Being active on these websites is all part of the job as you will need to be in order to attract the attention you deserve.


Join forums

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Freelance Work Online
Our own forums here at Triphp, check them out!

Forums are also great for getting freelance work and there are a lot of forums/marketplaces out there that will allow you to post for work or obtain it from other posts that already exist. A couple of these that spring to mind include DigitalPoint, Warrior Forum and even the forum here at Triphp. Of course, some forums are better than others and it really depends what it is that you are offering when it comes to gaining work from these forums.

For example, Digitalpoint is quite a low end marketplace where people are looking to pay relatively small amounts for work to be done and are not concerned on quality. Over at Warrior Forum however, things are a little different and things are a little more diverse. People are often willing to pay more for quality over at this forum.

There are also a number of forums that won’t be marketplaces themselves, but still offer a great way to attract people to your services. For example, you might want to join business forums or local forums in order to try and attract work in your local area. You can usually place a link to your website in your signature on these forums so it is a great way to get a bit of a backlink too.

Forums are a great way to look for work when you are just starting out and even if you have been established for quite a while.


Set your price and standard

You need to define a market for yourself which mean setting a price and standard of work. When freelancing, you need to be known for something. You might be known for producing stunning work but if people want this, they will have to pay your rate. Figure out how much you think your work is worth per hour and charge this to the clients that you pick up. Sure, you might need to lower things a little to start, or offer some special deals, especially if you are just building up a portfolio but you should still have a price in mind.

Many freelancers don’t do this and fail to define a market for themselves. This usually leads to less work or having to do great work for a lower price. You should stick to your guns even when searching for work online and if you don’t get your required rate, don’t do the work. You will be surprised how people will often pay for quality.



In conclusion, you just need to get yourself out there and get yourself a great website. Show as many people as possible to your website as it should be your pride and joy.

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