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What Is The Best Way To Build Links? Don’t Focus On Building Links

Link building is probably one of the biggest parts of modern day SEO and even if you know little to nothing about SEO, you will still probably have heard about link building and how much you need to be doing it if you want to maintain your online presence. The thing is, SEO is getting more and more complicated with Google updating their algorithm every few weeks and changing the way SEO is generally thought of.

Finding an SEO that is really going to bring high-quality links in to your website and bring an increase in rankings is harder than ever. A lot of SEO’s will talk about the various ways that they are going to build links; guest posts, infographics, directories etc. However, these are all secondary factors in my opinion as the number one way to build links is not to build links.


Let Me Explain

What Is The Best Way To Build Links? Don't Focus On Building Links
DMOZ – Perhaps the best ‘manual’ link you can build.

Ok, this might seem like a bit of an odd thing to say, but let me explain. SEO’s spend countless hours manually building links these days which of course, if they are doing the process well, is going to lead to an increase in inbound links as well as your SERP position. However, getting a link can be quite time consuming (bearing in mind that it’s a quality link). In fact, let’s say that you’re looking at getting a guest post link; you’ve got to find a good blog to post on that is going to have some benefit to you and then, you’ve got to contact the webmaster, persuade them to allow you to submit a guest post and then spend time writing the post and getting it published. All of that is going to take countless hours which in hourly SEO rates, is going to cost you quite a bit of money.

At the end of all that, you get one link, yes, ONE link. Sure, this might be a pretty good link if you’ve put a lot of effort into your content and the site you’re posting on is good, but at the end of the day, it isn’t going to move mountains.

So, what is the best thing to do if you want to build links without this kind of effort? Don’t focus on building links at all but instead, focus on creating a piece of content that people are going to want to link to.


The Common SEO Mistake

What Is The Best Way To Build Links? Don't Focus On Building Links
Build great links from sources like Mashable with great content.

Ok, now you might think that this is pretty simple but there are so many mistakes that SEO’s usually make. The number one mistake is focussing on the type of content over the actual content. SEO goes through phases faster than any other industry. One day, you’ll be hearing that guest posting is the way to build links and the next, you’ll be hearing that you need a video or perhaps an infographic to build the best links.

At the moment, it is all about guest posting in the SEO world and as expected, this has led to a lot of misunderstandings by some SEO’s. Just because you are guest posting, doesn’t mean that its going to be of any benefit. This is the same for any other type of content. Just because you are creating an infographic and spending thousands of dollars, doesn’t mean that the links are going to come flying in.

This is because a lot of people are more focussed on the fact that they are creating an infographic, or the fact that they are having a web video produced rather than the specific content. You have to remember that these days, everyone is doing these things so if your content doesn’t stand out from the crowd, it is simply going to get lost.

It is all about the idea these days, as people want to see amazing content. Mediocre content doesn’t get you anywhere and often, brilliant content doesn’t get you anywhere either, at least not in terms of links.

Let’s say that you have a real estate company and you’re posting out some great content on your blog; things like “Real Estate Market See’s 5% Rise In 2012” or “Things to Look For When Buying A House”. These posts might be extremely well written but they are likely not posts that are going to attract a crazy amount of links. In order to attract links, you need to create content that people are going to fall in love with. Something that is going to make people want to share it with their friends. You need to think outside the box.

For example, you might create an infographic or blog post entitled “7 Of The Most Stupidly Expensive Houses in the World”. If this content was created well, it is likely that you would attract a number of natural links as this content is interesting and amazing to people. It also appeals to people outside of the real estate industry, unlike boring posts about real estate.

Obviously, this can be applied to any industry.



Obviously, manual link building is always going to have its place but what I’m trying to say is that your link building efforts will be much easier if you create something that people actually want to link to such as the example post mentioned above. Think outside the box and do something creative. Don’t be scared, or you won’t get anywhere.

Content is key these days and you should be focussed on creating great content rather than building that one or two quick links through manual link building efforts. Over time, great content will attract links naturally, allowing you to spend your time on other, more important aspects of your online business.

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