What Tactics Should Modern SEO’s Be Using?

As most of you will probably already know, SEO is one of the fastest moving industries in the world thanks to the regular updates from Google and other major search engines. This is fine ,but it means that SEO’s are constantly having to update their tactics in order to actually do SEO effectively. This is a big part of the job and it is something that will require a lot of research and making sure to keep up with news in the world of SEO.

Over the past few years, SEO has changed a lot. We have seen things like directory submissions being given a lot less weight and we have see increased weight being given to social signals and other high quality links. But what exactly should a modern day SEO be incorporating into their plan? Basically, it is a whole bunch of things and here are just a few of the most important ones.


#1 – Guest Posting

Ok, so we’re going to mention this one first but this certainly doesn’t mean that it is the most important one. Guest posting is a great way to build high quality links to your website but it is something that should be done properly. Guest posting is something that is becoming extremely overused by SEO’s these days who seem to think that a good guest post is all they need to make sure that their site is number one on Google.

Strangely, this can often be the case but there is no doubt that guest posting and other SEO factors are linked together closely. For example, a good guest post should ideally bring in a bunch of targeted referral traffic to your website who will in turn share your post with their friends and family in a number of ways.

Guest posting is something that all SEO’s should be incorporating these days and we imagine, for many years to come. However, don’t go overboard with guest posting and don’t get links from spammy sites. This will likely lead to more harm than good.


#2 – Video

What Tactics Should Modern SEO’s Be Using?
Vimeo; One of the leading video sharing websites.

One thing that all SEO’s really need to be exploring is online video. There really is nothing more powerful than online video content for any niche or website and if you have the budget, video creation is likely to go a long way in your link building efforts.

Not only is video great for distributing on a range of sites including YouTube and even into guest posting campaigns, it also gives the visitors to your own site (or a clients site) a better experience meaning that they are likely going to stick around longer to investigate what you have to offer.


#3 – Social Sharing/Signals

What Tactics Should Modern SEO’s Be Using?
Facebook; the worlds largest social networking website.

More and more, social signals are becoming an extremely important factor in any good SEO campaign. Google is giving social signals more weight than ever which in our opinion is rightly so. Think about it, if a website or blog post is getting shared by hundreds or thousands of people on a social network such as Facebook or Twitter, the content has to be good and therefore, it should be a high ranking result to ensure that all of the visitors to Google and other search engines find the information that they are looking for.

Once again, the problem comes when social signals get spammy. Yes, it is possible to go out there to sites like Fiverr and buy a number of social shares. This will more than likely help your ranking out a little bit but go too far and there will definitely be consequences from Google and other search engines. There should also be a good balance between links and social signals to ensure that it looks natural. Ideally, it will actually be natural.


#4 – Infographics

That’s right, get your chequebook out and hire that designer as infographics are huge in SEO at the moment. Again, we think quite rightly so as infographics spread great information to the masses and in doing this, you will get a link back to your website because you have created the information. The bad part about infographics is that they usually cost money if you want one that is half decent and remember, the better quality your infographic, the better quality the sites are going to be that you manage to get it featured on and the better quality links you are going to obtain.

If you have a lot of experience with Photoshop, then infographics are probably not going to be too costly for you but if you haven’t, then you really need to get an expert in and focus on the outreach process. A well executed infographic and outreach campaign will almost certainly lead to a tonne of links for your site that are in no way spammy either.


#5 – Social Bookmarking

What Tactics Should Modern SEO’s Be Using?
StumbleUpon; a great social bookmarking website.

Another big thing at the moment is social bookmarking and this is because it can actually bring you in a huge amount of traffic. Doing this right and having the best content is going to bring in a huge amount of visitors for you. Yes, it can often be quite hard to get started but once you gain a following on sites like Pinterest or StumbleUpon, you are going to see a significant increase in your traffic numbers and even possibly some natural links coming from it.

Remember, StumbleUpon actually allows you to pay for targeted traffic to your website as well with traffic being available from just $0.05 per visitor. This is a great way to get your social bookmarking campaign started. Social bookmarking is hugely suited to funny/viral campaigns.



In conclusion, all SEO strategies these days should incorporate a variety of different tactics. Directory submissions, podcasting, document sharing, PR and much more. It is all relevant and a great SEO tactic so long as it is high quality and in no way spammy.



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  • I agreed !!!! In my seo experience i noticed these points and also i would like to say the importance of twitter and google plus indications.

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