Why You Should Beware of Cheap SEO Services

Beware of Cheap SEO Services

Beware of Cheap SEO Services

How can you get my web page on Google’s page 1? Is a question that gets asked all the time, and because it’s what every website owner really wants, it’s obviously very tempting to get caught up in wild promises for instant Page 1 results!

Google is one of the best, if not THE best search engine in the world, but in order to be the best search engine, it needs to get you back the best search results. In order for consistency to return for a given search word, Google has to screen out all non-related returns and spam. In order to do so, they upgrade their algorithms each year to help identify and remove those who try to hack the programme.

While the cheap results may well boost your ranking to Page One, in the short term, long term you’ll be sat waiting and anxious for the day when Google Bots take a look, detect your rapid rise to the top, and pay a little closer attention to what you’ve done. More often than not, you will be penalised, and your ranking will drop to the bottom very quickly.

To get your reputation back, you ‘re going to have to prepare a Dis-Avow document and submit it to the Google Panel, basically saying you ‘re sorry, and please give you another chance!

For example, I have a client who wondered why she didn’t rank on Google, even though she had an excellent website that had been up and running for eight years. She had certainly spent money on her site. It had great content, a lot of links, and a lot of keywords. Actually, I wasn’t sure what I could do to better her website, other than just modernise it.

I then took a fine-tooth comb over her website and found that she had 30,000 links back to her site, actually shutting down my internet, as it looked like I was a spammer. I started going through the links, and I found a lot of places to a secret website or a website that didn’t exist. Then I searched where they came from, and the sites didn’t have any obvious connexion buttons, until I searched their source code and found hundreds of hidden links, that owners probably don’t know anything about their business, or even their country, in most cases.

Google likes Honest Organic Links, which come from someone who recommends you, quotes you, or references your information. There’s no instant software that can generate those, just your own hard work, press releases, news releases, case history, YouTube videos, and other social media that honestly refers to you, and isn’t just a link swap.

I had a client call me all excited about the opportunity to be on page 1 for just five pounds, and he was going to check it out because he felt he had nothing to lose except five pounds. So I found an article to pass on to him, just about what he could lose for five pounds.

what to avoid with SEO

4 SEO Services To AVOID On Fiverr.Com

Sometimes, when you’re trying to save a few quid, quality could be seriously compromised. Such is the case with a low budget or low-cost SEO services that are abundant on the web. That is where the old adage, “If it seems too good to be true, is most likely to be true,” is applied ten times.

If you spend a lot of time online, you’ve probably heard of Fiverr by now, a platform devoted to stuff people are going to do for five dollars. Let me say first, I love Fiverr, and I use it on a regular basis for a number of things, but none of those things has to do with SEO.

On Fiverr.com, you’ll find a lot of title listings like Google first page rankings, 1000 backlinks in 24 hours, automatic links, and more. Keep clear of these with a 10-foot pole, unless you want a poor quality and a bad SEO score.

One of the best things on Fiverr is that almost everything is listed there for 5 US dollars, which is why Fiverr has become such a huge success. At the same time, it’s wise to consider that sites like Fiverr are also fully loaded with unwanted/unsafe SEO activities, such as providing mass backlink purchases with promises of placing first on googles first page.

Many of the WordPress beginners fell in the pit of having thousands of backlinks for $5. But if you pause for a second, you’ll realise, it’s not going to show you any positive results, instead, Google penalises your pages if you create poor backlinks or use blackhat SEO techniques. So please avoid all such spamming practises using Fiverr or any other website that promises to give Google top results for $5.

Below we ‘re talking about four SEO services that you should keep clear of on Fiverr.com or any other similar site. It’s just not worth wasting whatever strong rankings you may already have in pursuit of saving a few bucks here and there.

avoid cheap link building

Automated Links

We all know that Google still gives top priority to backlinks. It’s a good idea to invest wisely when purchasing backlinks. If, however, your site is full of quality backlinks, you’ll get the top search results for almost every keyword you want to rank. This is why SEO professionals concentrate more on creating backlinks in a natural way.

What Fiverr users do is promise you to create automatic links to increase the ranking of your website in the search results. Don’t fall into this pit as they use SEO black hat strategies or automated tools to create these links. But even though you get thousands of links for just $5, you’ll be penalised because Google keeps a spam link database.

You should definitely not participate in something that is automatic when it comes to your website or blog, no matter what promise they make. Google looks down upon automated content and automatically generated links and penalises sites accordingly. They could even decide to lower your search rankings or remove you from searches completely. Search engines would like (and reward) fresh content, natural links and transparency. So, in everything you do when it comes to your blog, do it naturally and make it relevant.

bad link building

1,000 Backlinks Service Providers

These are the worst, and I’m not sure how anyone takes this kind of listing seriously. In fact, this is one of the worst things you can do on a site or blog to build fast links in large quantities. It is not normal for any website, particularly new sites, and you’re not going to get far with Google if you practise this kind of SEO. Instead, create links slowly and take the time and effort they need, and Google will reward you with good rankings.

Never ever buy from Fiverr sellers who sell you 1,000 backlink services to boost your search rankings. You will never see any rise in your search traffic even though you receive 1,000 backlinks, in addition to your website being penalised by Google Penguin changes.

Google Penguin Update is primarily based on penalising sites with poor backlinks. So make sure you ‘re writing high-quality content to build backlinks instead of depending on the Fiverr SEO services to build links.

get to page one of google

Guaranteed Google First Page Rankings

It is another cheap, low-cost SEO service that you see a lot of on the internet. I can tell you that there is no one on the internet who can guarantee you that you’ll get first page rankings on Google or any other search engine on earth. If you think someone online is going to spend the time and effort, it takes to get the first-page ranking on a strong keyword for just a few quid you’re dreaming.

You can never get Google’s first page rankings without excessive hard work, lots of quality backlinks, great website speed, etc. If it happens so easily, they would all be building profitable websites. It is obviously not possible, and it is not real, so stay away from these providers.

Your website search rankings will only increase if you use the appropriate keywords in your blog posts, create backlinks specific to your keywords, your domain age, etc. Using evergreen link building techniques like guest blogging, interviews, infographics, etc. to create quality backlinks across your pages without being penalised by Google updates.

Paid Footer Text Links

Footer links were common some years ago, but they’ve been devalued quite a bit since then. I wouldn’t waste my money on a footer link on some questionable blog for five bucks. Instead, I would write a guest blog post and send it to a nice, appropriate and well-established blog site. Footer links are a waste of time and money.

There are a number of people (call them spammers) who are actively looking for websites to get footer links. They ‘re coming to you with a paid bid, essentially what they’re doing, they ‘re charging you a little money, and they’re asking you to connect to their websites from your footer. Please do not accept such requests to earn peanuts. Google will penalise your pages if you do so.

The same thing happens with online SEO services, too, as most people tell you that they can give you a backlink from their footer section to increase your search engine rankings. But it won’t work if you’re from another niche, so don’t spend your money getting irrelevant or spamming links.

When it comes to SEO, it’s definitely best to be on the quality side – every time. There are tried and tested methods that have been shown to yield successful outcomes, why not pursue them instead.

Just so you know, I’m a long time user of Fiverr and other freelancers, I love the flexibility and services that are provided on the site. We’re all looking for better, faster and cheaper services to get things done online. But there’s another platform that provides just as many services like Fiverr. But do not waste your money on the SEO services we have been talking about. Seek to either invest in highly skilled SEO professional services to improve your rankings or do it on your own.

In a nutshell: Fiverr is a great website to outsource your expertise from freelance writing to making videos for just $5. But there are few people who wrongly guarantee users to get top search results. Don’t spend your money buying the above-mentioned SEO services on Fiverr and avoid them at all costs.

You don’t have to spend thousands of pounds on improving your search rankings, but you need to remember that Google gives top results to sites that cater well to website visitors. Create highly relevant content, use guest posting, and create infographics to establish quality backlinks in a natural way.

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