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[Rivmedia] Lazy Loader XF2

[Rivmedia] Lazy Loader XF2 1.0.1

No permission to buy ($75.00)
Cost and Updates
£75 Per year, Membership Subscription for all Addons
Compatible Versions
Visible branding
Yes, Branding removal Not available at this time.

Payment structure

We have opted for a subscription model for our Addons at this moment in time instead of pricing them individually, a yearly subscription gives you access to not only this Addon, but ALL of our other Addons currently available.......PLUS any future Addons we release.

Image Lazy Loader for Xenforo

Image Lazy Loading enhances XenForo 2 performance on threads with heavy images, it gives a better used experience, improves load times and is less server intensive since images are only loaded when they come into view of a users browser window.

There are no settings for this addon, Just install it and away you go.

What is lazy loading ?

Lazy loading is a concept where we delay the loading of the object until the point where we need it. Putting in simple words, on demand object loading rather than loading objects unnecessarily.

Does it help with SEO ?

Most referances you will find when asking this question will actually say it has a negative effect, however much has changed since those articles were written and Google can happily crawl scripts and understand what is going on. So how does it help with SEO ?

Well....Indirectly via the page speed improvements and load times, improved page performance has weight, so image heavy pages can gain a much needed boost which will help both search engines and users with poor connections . I.e better user experience.

You can view an example of the images loading as you scroll on this thread as a demo ( Only viewable for Memberships ) https://seoforums.uk/threads/lazy-loader-example.2824/
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