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[Rivmedia] SEO Meta XF2

[Rivmedia] SEO Meta XF2 1.0.1

No permission to buy (£75.00)
Cost and Updates
£75 Per year, Membership Subscription for all Addons
Compatible Versions
Visible branding
Yes, Branding removal Not available at this time.
Payment structure

We have opted for a subscription model for our Addons at this moment in time instead of pricing them individually, a yearly subscription gives you access to not only this Addon, but ALL of our other Addons currently available.......PLUS any future Addons we release.

[Rivmedia] SEO Meta XF2

  1. Edit forum node Titles, Meta description to make them different from the forum name and forum description.
  2. Edit thread meta descriptions
  3. Edit thread Canonical
This will allow forums to keep user friendly terminology visually on the front end, but give search engines a better understanding.

For example your nodes are named as normal :


So "Local SEO Forum" is descriptive to users, but we might want to add something a little different for search engines to see, maybe giving them something more descriptive. This is where SEO Node titles can help, allowing you to add an "alternative" node title.

Show your node categories in Search results like this :


As you can see instead of the title saying "Local SEO forum", It now says "Local SEO Strategies - Local SEO forum UK".

Installing and Setting up

Editing Node title and meta can be done via the node settings


To edit thread meta and canonical you first need to enable it via the moderator or admin usergroup permissions :


You can then edit them, per thread. Removing them will revert the thread back to normal :



Please remember, it will not show in search engines until that page is next crawled and indexed.
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