Designers - what software do you like to code for?

Discussion in 'General Webmaster Discussion' started by pandaa, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. pandaa

    pandaaNew Member

    What is your favorite software to design/code for, and why? Is it the easiest, or is it based more on what you can do with it?
  2. SimplySidy


    For all my coding needs, I use NetBeans with PHP - kind of good for a freeware which has inline code support. Though it relies on Java and needs it to be installed, it still is my preferred choice. Dreamweaver is good but expensive and I cannot afford that. I have also used NotePad+ for coding but that was when I was doing only xHTML and CSS kind of websites.

    For designing, though I am not a designer, I normally use GIMP (freeware again) but then there are days when my clients give me PSDs to translate into websites and for that I do need Photoshop. One of my clients has given me a Portable version of Photoshop and it works for almost all the slicing etc that I need.
  3. admin

    adminAdministrator Staff Member

    I use Dreamweaver or notepad or the visual template system in the selected software like Wordpress. Most of the time it depends what machine im working on , where i am and whats more convenient at the time.

    For the actual design process whether it be a PSD , simply image editing or something i use Photoshop all the time, illustrator if needed and also fireworks. Ive yet to find a graphics program which im comfortable with other than the adobe Suites.
  4. Super Mike

    Super MikeNew Member

    I'm not sure the title asks the right questions, designers should be designers and coders should be coders.

    Although "jack of all trades" statistically stand a better chance of succeeding on a larger scale because they can adapt and normally manage more effectively ( in my experience ).

    Anyway back on topic, Notepad+ for the odd code and Photoshop/lightroom/illustrator for design work

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