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Question How Backlinks Impact SEO and Rankings?



New Member
Hello, I am a little bit confused.

Sorry if it looks radical for you, I just start to go deep into Search engine optimising.

So, my question is: Do backlinks have an impact to a site where it's posted?

I mean, for example: I am a blogger, I post a link to my website which has a google juice, it will increase my google ranking? o_Oo_Oo_O


Staff member
Established Memeber
Links are still a valuable factor when ranking your site in search engines. However links are not all created equal, so there are alot of variables to consider when link building to make sure you are heading down the right path.

Things to consider when building backlinks - The basics :

  1. Links should always be relevant to the topic
  2. Always seek inbound links from trusted sources
  3. Make sure the link/content adds value to the site/page its located on.
  4. Diversity is still key, don't get carried away with too much of one thing.

1. Links should always be relevant to the topic

Some links earn more credit and add more weight than others, you should always keep your backlinks relevant to your niche, it important to do your research and seek link targets from sites that are related.

If you are selling a security camera, you would naturally seek industry related sites to acquire a backlink from. Some find this limiting but in my experience its because they are not looking at the broader picture, be realistic, there are opportunities to be had at every corner from sub relations such as Smart tech, security, home improvement etc.

2. Always seek inbound links from trusted sources

There are no bones that trusted, authoritative and popular websites are without question sites you should look for when actively link building, after all if hundreds or thousands of people are visiting these websites why wouldn't you want to be associated....right? This is also where judgement can be clouded though in my opinion. Websites in general look great in this day and age, it's easy for people to grab a premade template and make a site appear much better than it actually is. It's always best to use your own judgement, when you've found a potential site and you've done your manual checks , confirm they hold true with researching their backlinks, their perceived authority and trust metrics. You can do that with some of these tools.
Although these sites above, especially majestic and Moz give you a score of authority and trust, its important that you check the backlink profile as well, DA can easily be misinterpreted by hundreds of spammy links, so if a site has high DA but loads of spammy links and you are not experienced enough to make a judgement, then its probably best if you move on to the next link prospect to be safe.

3. Make sure the link/content adds value to the site/page its located on.

I consider this one important, it fits closely with what I mentioned the other day with guest posting. Especially if you're a novice or small business owner attempting to build links, look for quality backlink prospects or sites that you know you can add value to.

It's important to understand the better quality and more value you add to the site/page you are gaining a link from, the better it will be for your link both short and long term. Spend the time and construct an amazing article, offer to link to it in the future if its a valuable enough aquisition ,spread it around social media and help them get coverage.

The value you add, the more your link is worth. It's also important to allocate your time efficiently and put effort into sites that are worthy of such effort, clear authority authority figures that will without question give you something back.

4. Diversity is still key, don't get carried away with too much of one thing

Diversity, as the age old term says "everything in moderation". Same applies when it comes to link building and backlink profiles. If you build nothing but the same type of links in the same way (such as guest posts for example) it's going to start to look very structured, very clean and will look like one big foot print. It's not that clean in the natural world, there will be a nice mixture of different types and forms of links and its ok to thrive to simulate that.

Link types :
  • Normal links or follow links - I actually hate when people use the term "follow" but I guess it gives clarity of meaning when writing )
  • Nofollow links - Get them, there is not a single reason you should be turning away links from an authoritative source just because of a nofollow attribute, it adds to your backlink profile.
  • Sitewide - This is something that most of the industry has steered people away from, but personally the odd sitewide or blogroll link isnt to be sniffed at. Everything in moderation.
  • Contextual - Proven to be hugely valuable, links within the body text of a page, whether that be through guest posts, press releases these probably should be a higher percentage of your effort as they add more value than most.
  • Banner/image links - again whether they are nofollow or not, if the site they are located on has the potential to bring visitors and is a worthy investment, then there is nothing with having them. Although I'd recommend nofollow sitewide banners if you plan on running alot of sitewide banner campaigns.
  • Branded / Anchor text / URL - Make sure you are heavily invested in diversifying your anchor texts, branding, URL only and lots of variations of your keyword anchors. Using page title anchors is golden.
Possible Link sources :
  • Guest posts
  • Editorial articles
  • Infographics
  • Press releases
  • blogroll
  • Citation Directories
  • Niche directories ( lower quality that we like to talk about, but remember diversity........this doesnt apply to low quality general directories, stick to niche )

Building rate, Consistency

I'm probably going to go against the grain of the industry here, but being consistent with building x amount of links month in, month out over long periods of time isnt realistic, and in this day and age is utter rubbish. Links come and go, events, brand buzz and press release style news is not consistent, it happens, then it subsides. Do it at a pace you are comfortable with which gives you room to analyse and understand the effects of what you are doing.

It's not natural to be consistent. Don't get stress about having to do a set amount over set time periods, I have my own theories and observations but we'll go into that another time :)

Finally, Quality and Quantity

More of the small business owner or novice SEO than anyone else, but keep it simple, be diverse and only commit when you feel comfortable you've chosen the right prospect.

It's better to have 5 amazing links knowing you've added value to an external source, than it is to have 1000+ links of junky, slow quality and sub par links which will likely get discounted anyway ( or worse ).

Note, although most of the above fits with a generic swing of the industry, this is a basic guide more for small businesses, low budget or DIY novice SEO's to stay safe. Large budget SEO open's new doors and different strategies.


New Member
Backlinks are important for SEO because websites with more backlinks will be given more importance by the search engines and this will be considered as the more relevant to the search query when compared to other websites in the result page.
Daniel Dixon

Daniel Dixon

I would like to the answer Look at these points then you understand how backlinks affect website rankings:
  • If you backlink your website URL in spam websites, your website gets spams! instantly you get blacklisted by Google!!
  • If you backlink your Website URL with High PA(Page Authority) and DA(Domain Authority) sites, Google starts recognizing you!! starts increasing your rank.
  • If you backlink your Website URL with poor PA and DA sites, Google starts degrading your ranking!!
Hope! This would help you and I would also suggest you that you should also focus on your website content and your keywords, these are also very important to get good ranking on SERP.



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