How Can You Get Many Twitter Followers fast?

Discussion in 'Social Media Marketing' started by Denis Hard, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Denis Hard

    Denis HardNew Member

    The days of relying solely on search engines for Internet Marketing business are long gone. To really make any decent money you'd have to at least have some social media presence and for internet marketers twitter seems to work best [or so rumors say].

    For someone new to twitter and Social media in general I'd like to know how I can grow my twitter follower numbers.

    ALSO,Is there software I could use to automate the process or do I have to do manually, myself?
  2. The fastest way you can grow your Twitter followers is to buy them. You'll find various packages if you search on Google, and you are bound to get what you want. Once you get the followers, you need to keep them by providing interesting tweets. If you neglect them it will be very easy to lose them.
  3. charleskay

    charleskayNew Member

    1. Create an Elegant profile
    2. Tweet often and use the hash tags
    3. Follow for follow
  4. gadgetised

    gadgetisedNew Member

    TraffUp is how I gain twitter followers and retweets. They are good followers too. It works on a point exchange program. Points get you followers and retweets. You can also use TraffUp to gain website traffic, and easily gain points for Twitter followers by viewing websites.
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  5. Shyam Das

    Shyam DasNew Member

    Tweet unique post with hash tags
    Make profile strong
    Follow back the people

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