How good is Twitter for promoting?

Discussion in 'Social Media Marketing' started by Drago, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. Drago

    DragoNew Member

    While I do own a Twitter account, I rarely use it that much. I'm sure Twitter is good for quick little updates regarding a forum/site, but how good is it for actual site promotion? My biggest problem with Twitter is the obvious character limit. It frustrates me to no end, especially when I have to send two tweets just to finish what I was saying.

    Have you had any luck with Twitter promotion? or is it just ineffective?
  2. gadgetised

    gadgetisedNew Member

    Twitter is fantastic for promotion. Just be sure to hash tag appropriately and your followers will increase over time. It is not a fast process and may take some time, but a natural build up of followers can really help for promotion. You can also try Twitter point exchange programs like TraffUp to build up your followers and get more retweets. It can also be used to get more website views. PostLoop is also great to get more comments and forum posts.
  3. mikelouis

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    I would say Facebook is much better in promotion of your site. You can post a small snippet of your content and tell people to follow a link if they need to read the whole content. I have used the two and Facebook has more effect and numbers.
  4. Shyam Das

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    Thanks for the reply

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