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How To Build A Ton's Of Quality Backlinks



New Member
While building quality backlinks takes time, consistency, and hard work, there are dozens
(hundreds?) of different ways you can build links to your content. Brace yourself, this is a long

1. Submit a guest post to other blogs.
2. Meaningfully comment on niche relevant blogs (in particular, “do-follow” blogs).
3. Start relevant threads in forums and link back to your blog posts.
4. Link to your blog in your forum signature and contribute with quality content.
5. Social bookmarking through StumbleUpon,, and others.
6. Provide testimonials for other marketers and provide your link when doing so.
7. Create a quality Squidoo lens.
8. Create a quality HubPage.
9. Participate in discussion boards such as
10. Make use of quality blog communities like and others.
11. Ask and answer questions on answer sites like Yahoo Answers with a link to your blog.
12. Interlink your own blog posts.
13. Exchange links with other bloggers in your niche.
14. Submit to quality blogging directories like
15. Submit your blog to top website directories like SoMuch or Dmoz.
16. Find niche specific directories and submit to them as well.
17. Ask your friends with websites or blogs to link to you.
18. Engage with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
19. Submit RSS feed to aggregators and directories like RSS Network or
20. Make use of quality press releases and submit to sites like
21. Convert blog posts to PDF and submit to document sharing sites like
22. Interview leaders in your niche and give them permission to share the interview.
23. Ask other bloggers to interview you.
24. Submit your blog to blog communities like
25. Trade articles with other bloggers in your niche (similar to guest posting).
26. Make use of Google Groups and Yahoo Groups.
27. Create a Wikipedia page for yourself and your company and include resource links.
28. Submit your blog to .edu and .gov forums and blogs, especially their resources page.
29. Submit your blog to
30. Run (and even join) a blog contest to attract more links.
31. Donate to charity sites, and many will link back to you.
32. Create GREAT content such as in-depth tutorials or free training guides.
33. Create SHARABLE content such as “101” posts, “7 ways to...”, hot trending topics, etc.
34. Create LINK BAIT content such as about celebrities or about something controversial.
35. Submit your image to image directories and include a link to your blog.
36. Make your blog posts easy to share, and reward people for doing so.
37. Submit your site to any local business directories.
38. Create quality content on and link to your blog from it.
39. Create YouTube videos and submit to video sharing sites like
40. Submit quality articles to article directories such as
41. Create quality content on or and link back to your site.
42. Offer lots of free downloads on your blog.
43. Update your blog regularly and this will help you gain traction and popularity.
44. Create a podcast and submit it to iTunes with a link to your blog from it.
45. Join the Better Business Bureau.
46. Make use of online classifieds like Craiglist.
47. Create a Firefox extension.
48. Buy older, established sites with already existing links.
49. Check competitors backlinks and try to replicate.
50. Create a simple software (or convert an eBook to .exe) and submit to software sites.
51. Create Memes.
52. Create eHow articles.
53. Create an infographic and submit it to sites like
54. Find broken links and contact the site owner about replacing the dead link with yours.
55. Take advantage of Scoop It and get your content aggregated.
56. Submit your blog to website feedback sites like Concept Feedback.
57. Sign up for HARO and submit content for backlinks.
58. Create a small piece of audio and submit it to audio sharing sites likes Reverb Nation.
59. Paid banner ads.
60. Create good content about your site or niche and post it to Wiki sites like Wikia.
61. Make a “sponsored” donation on sites such as Clear Sky Chart and others.
62. Submit to Google Places.

If you know few more, please add in


New Member
Whoa, nice list you got there :D Very, very informative, bookmarked for later use. Although I have already read about most of the things you have mentioned I've never saw them collected all in one post. This post is a must read for anyone starting a new website, or trying to get an existing one off the ground.


New Member
That's a great compilation on creating quality backlinks. It will sure help the newcomers to SEO. Most of those methods will take some time to create valuable backlinks, but they (the high-quality backlinks) will definitely prove very beneficial, they will give your webpages high page ranks, will rank your keywords in high SERPs, if not on the first page, and they will also bring a lot of traffic to your sites.


New Member
This is quite the comprehensive listing of ways to get backlinks. There are some really great ones in there that people do not always think of using. I love the idea of asking other bloggers to Interview you. I have seen this done here and there and I really think it can be quite effective. I think I will try that method next.


What is perhaps the greatest compilation of specific, thought out ways to build backlinks - outside of being lazy and purchasing them instead - is right here before our very eyes. Excellent work, blackdata! Not only is this comprehensive, after rereading the list, it is an absolute gem and the perfect example of where thinking outside of the box can land you. Quite frankly, I can say that at least twenty five of these methods are routes I had never even thought of, but even from this, there are few on this list that can even be found floating around the net with a quick probe. It definitely took research to bring this here on the forums.

I bet if one were proactive enough to employ each of these methods for their website in even a fairly competitive niche, they would be ranking well in no time.


New Member
I thought this was just a low quality thread before I got in, but I'm really surprised. These could be really helpful, I'm definitely going to test ranking a site doing only these for SEO.

Thank you.


New Member
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