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Discussion in 'Link Building' started by azlan, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. azlan

    azlanNew Member

    So, I'm guessing you can't just go around blindly building links or can you? What is your strategy for link building? Do you for example build links from different sources and at consistent velocity? Do you use a structure like link wheels or pyramids or do you just try and blast as many links as possible?
  2. alpac

    alpacNew Member

    I admit this is the main problem for most people. It is very time consuming, and if you do not know what you are doing, it can become very frustrating. There are a number of ways to build links but they will only be useful once Google recognizes them.
  3. BigJ

    BigJActive Member

    Strategy will depend on how fast that you want to rank and whether or not you want to stay there. Typically the fastest methods have the highest risk of penalty. You should aim to get backlinks from quality sites as opposed to from every site possible.
  4. Nymph


    Whatever you do, you do not want to simply paste an inbound link to your site everywhere you possibly can on the world wide web. This will net you far more bad quality backlinks than good ones. It is essentially "hit or miss" this way, and you will tick off many readers and webmasters if you fail to heed their rules about link building. It can only tarnish your site's reputation if you do this.

    The thing about link building is, after the Penguin and Panda 2.0 updates as set forth by Google, what matters are quality backlinks, the quantity of them becomes practically irrelevant to Google after a certain point, so you want a higher ratio of good backlinks and, if you can, have absolutely no poor backlinks.

    Before you even think about delving into this area of SEO, create a plan of some sort. Make a list of authority blogs, forums, etc. that allow guest posting, signature links, or the posting of a link to your website, period. Some will want monetary compensation for facilitating your links, while others are kinder to webmasters. Choose wisely, and good luck!
  5. Foxbeard

    FoxbeardNew Member

    Remember the longer you are around the more credible you seem. Some people won't link to flaky websites.
  6. james collins

    james collinsNew Member

    I have heard that it is a good idea to build backlinks at social media sites such as facebook, the more users you can get to post your links to all their friends list and so on, I have heard that Google really loves this and this will help to get you to the holy grail of page one ranking. Also try and write good articles and submit them to places likes ezine with back links to your site, but remember content is king when ranking in Google.
  7. Denis Hard

    Denis HardNew Member

    Among other things, these strategies could work much as Google doesn't care about backlinks that much these days:

    1. Link all articles with related content using some fancy anchor text. Some such engines take that into account [a link's a link!]
    2. To make the most of RSS feeds, ensure you have at least two in-bound links to your site. In that case if someone steals your article and publishes it as their own you have nothing to carp about because you get a link from their site anyway.
    3. If you are a member of a forum, include a link to your site in your profile. While definitely not the best way to get backlinks we're talking about taking advantage of what you're already have in your possession. If you're already a member at the forum, why not get that free link fast?
    4. We all have friends. Ask your friends to link to your site and in return do the same for them.
    5. Link to other sites when you write content. If they get some decent traffic from you, they'll most obviously reciprocate. . .
    6. Bookmark your site on as many bookmarking sites as you can. Apart from getting the backlinks you stand to get some traffic if you content is good enough.

    Among others. . .
  8. bauss

    baussNew Member

    I build links when I have spare time. I use to post several times a day on multiple forums, but I don't do that much anymore. I mostly work behind the scenes on my site.
  9. deansaliba


    Personally I would build links with the following methods:

    - blog commenting
    - Guest posting
    - Forum posting
    - Article submission directories
    - web directories

    Obviously I would suggestion only working with sites that are linked to the same niche as your site, not much point building links on football sites if your site is about sewing. :)
  10. semaphore.v

    semaphore.vNew Member

    Directory submission,Forum posting,Blog commenting,Social Bookmarking are best techniques to get quality backlinks.
  11. charleskay

    charleskayNew Member

    Personally, I use
    1. Article submission
    2. Guest posting
    3. Blog commenting
    4. Forum posting
    5. Social bookmarking
    6. Pr relaese
    7.Directory submission
  12. nichols

    nicholsNew Member

    Long gone are the days that a person could build links on any website in nearly any fashion and easily rank a website for specific keywords. Google has made so many changes in the past few years alone that the names of these changes almost list an entire zoo. Linking in the modern world requires a diligent effort to constantly create fresh, new, and interesting content that people want and need. This by default will create a natural link building structure, but I do use various resources to help accomplish this goal. Social profiles can provide a powerful boost for link juice, as well as help build a community of loyal followers of you and your products and websites, but this is far from the only effective and natural method for building links.
  13. terryse

    terryseNew Member

    For my linkbuilding strategy, i try to be selective. For article submission for a link back to your site, i submit an article to EzineArticles and when admitted i wrote articles with link in my Author box provided by the site. For directory submission, i think Dmoz article directory is one of the top directories to get a quality link with. I also make use of RSS Feed Directories where everytime you add new content to your site, your feeds at those directories are also updated.
  14. Andrea Maria

    Andrea MariaNew Member

    I used to regularly follow few link building strategies are:
    • List your site in directories
    • Write the best guest post
    • Write a blog
    • Build backlinks using forum, classifieds ads, social bookmarking
    • Discover competitors' common backlinks
    • Recovering the dead backlinks
    • Find the strongest competitors healthy backlinks
    • Find the most relevant link building opportunities

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