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Discussion in 'The Community Point' started by Jessi, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. Jessi


    I saw a post a bit ago that needed to be deleted and I automatically looked for a report button. Am I blind? I'm not seeing how to report a post to an admin. :(
  2. SimplySidy


    I hope they want everything to stay so that the count increases.:oops:
  3. Kevin


    Hi there,

    I am not able to view what you are seeing but in my account I can see a report button (attached file) right under each post. Please let me know if you see a way to report a post as it is important that the feature is available to all members.


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  4. Jessi


    Nope, those are admin-only options that you are seeing there. The only one I am able to see is "edit" under my OWN posts only. There is nothing at all for other people. If you check the board permissions, there should be an option to turn the report button back on. It may have accidentally been turned off at some point.
  5. Kevin


    Thank you very much. I have made the change.
  6. SimplySidy


    Great to have a report button the the Thread and the Posts as well. Our forum would be healthier :thumbsup:
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