Search engine optimization with images?

Discussion in 'General Search Engine Optimisation' started by CeliVega, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. CeliVega

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    So I just found about how images can be utilized for better search engine optimization as well.
    Anyone familiar with how it is done? I found a few nice tips and tricks here:
    but having more advices from experieced users are always welcomed.

    Thanks in advance foe everyone who contributed!
  2. chrys zhang

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  3. SimplySidy


    Well, my way is simple - Tag all images (I mean use the Alt tag). Try to optimize the images in size using any online application or provider (this helps in loading them faster on the Browser) and I always mention to rename the image file something in relevance to the Text/Post or even the Keyword.

    Thanks for the link you shared. It gave me the other option that I always missed out - Use of Captions.
  4. Shyam Das

    Shyam DasNew Member

    Thanks for the link you shared, Very helpful.

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