Similar websites to Postloop ?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Marketing' started by donaldplozha, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Are there any similar websites to Postloop or is it the only one of its kind ?
  2. SwagBear

    SwagBearNew Member

    Hmm, I believe there's no other website that's similar to PostLoop, however, there are a BUNCH of PTP/PTW websites (paid to post, paid to write), but they don't have a system like PostLoop.
  3. protoboard


    I know of a site that's called Paid Forum Posting. I haven't tried it yet but it looks a lot like Postloop. You have to register there and do a number of posts in order to get a rating and then, depending on your rating you get to post on some forums. I have yet to try it but it looks like it works just like Postloop.
  4. wasi90lk


    There is a website called Content Current, although the site is kind of dead right now.

    It used to be very active.
  5. Seo talks

    Seo talksNew Member

    There isn't a lot of site like this but there are a lot of sites for you to make money like this. Have you try slicethepie. This is where you get like twenty pennies for writing one paragraph of music review. I earn some money on there and I'm happy. The earning is just like post loop but its kind of different and its a bit more tedious and harder for sure. There are plenty of write for money websites you can try like hubpages, wikinut, helium, Yahoo voice.
  6. John Smithers

    John SmithersNew Member

    I feel that whilst there probably are quite a few other websites like Postloop available for you to work with, non of them pay quite as well or have as many options for you to choose from in terms of the topics you are writing on, or the amount of users that are already using the service. If you ask me, instead of looking for other sites like Postloop you should just try and maximise how much you already make with it, and try to do other things that are worth your time. Remember to never sell yourself short, and always enjoy the money that you earn.
  7. SwagBear

    SwagBearNew Member

    I might try Slicethepie. What's the minimum cash out? If it's like $5 or something, I'll definitely try it out since I love music!

  8. Slicethepie is an awesome site and the cashout is $10. Not hard to earn (in my opinion). Good luck with it.
  9. ozadin

    ozadinNew Member

    There aren't many websites similar to Postloop. Most forums offer this, but mostly turn out to become a scam. The only closest thing I can think of is Webanswers. Webanswers is a site where people ask questions, and you post answers. You need to have an Adsense account because it shows your ads on that website. If you get selected for the top answer, you will receive ongoing royalties from the thread from showing your ad. This counts the number of impressions and clicks you get which is great!

    Slicethepie pays you for every review you make. You need to listen to around 1-3 minutes until you can submit your review. Most of the songs there was country music last time I used the site, but that was 2-3 months ago. I'm sure they updated the site, and offers better songs now.
  10. Parksooah

    ParksooahNew Member

    Not many websites that use the same system as PostLoop, but there are a lot of websites out there that pay you to post. A rather different example of this is SliceThePie. It pays you per review you do, and the minimum cash out is 10 dollars. Good Luck!
  11. Trista


    Another advantage of PostLoop is the minimum cash out is only $5. They pay very quickly via a PayPal, within hours. Plus you have the advantage of choosing the forums you wish to post to, or the blogs to comment on.

    If you stay focused and write quickly -- and maintain a high rating -- you can do well.
  12. Rube


    I was accepted by Paid Forum Posting but have never posted in any of their forums. The system seemed far too complex. You do not have a dashboard listing your forums and each forum you join requires a set number of posts. You cannot continue posting in any of them unless you register again in each forum under another name and pretend to be someone else.
  13. Cammie27


    That does sound unnecessarily complex. I haven't checked that one out yet but needing to keep track of multiple aliases isn't for me. I did look into Postloop and it seems to be a good option for making a few extra bucks. Does anyone know how much potential there really is there without seeking out referrals? How much are those of you who use them earning just by posting?
  14. protoboard


    A quick Google search shows many reviews by people stating that they are making $5 a day easily. I haven't been able to do it yet but that may be because I'm not subscribed to many forums, just a few. I'm doing ~$2 per day so I'm cashing out every three days or so without having a single referral.
  15. Kick start your forum is another paid to post site. I don't have any experience with the site. An online friend recommended it to me because he knew I that I am a member of PostLoop.

    Here is the sign up page:
  16. Jellyfish


    I did sign up there a few weeks ago but wasn't able to see any forums in the forums section. Anyone has the same problem?

  17. I am going to sign up with them this week. I have not had the chance yet and it is on my to do list! I will let you know how it goes.
  18. terryse

    terryseNew Member

    Try to google "paid to post" and i'm sure you will get similar sites that pay you to post or comment on forums. Just try to check the reviews before signing with them.
  19. SimplySidy


    Interesting that there are such sites. I might try out all of these just because right now, there is not plenty happening in my life... No assignments since Nov-13 and dont know how long that is going to be... Posted here just to stay subscribed to this thread and keep myself update. Hope I get to see some good opinions and reviews

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