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SiteAnalyzer - free SEO spider and audit tool



Established Memeber
We have released a new version of SiteAnalyzer, we'd love to hear feedback and suggestions for the new version.

New version SiteAnalyzer 2.8

In version 2.8 we added 6 domain analysis modules, cookie management, export of selected projects to Excel, fixes the issues that could occur during the program registration.






What's new:
  • added domain analysis modules - a set of 6 modules (WHOIS, CMS-checker, subdomains finder, keyword density analysis, etc.)
  • added the ability to use cookies, as well as exporting all the cookie information to a text file
  • added the ability to export selected projects to Excel format in the projects list
  • a button has been added that displays the data export menu on the Info panel
  • added the ability to rescan 3xx redirects
  • fixed a bug in the dashboard that occurred when switching between projects, when the main site quality indicators were summarized
  • fixed a bug that occurred when exporting a project with an open tab with missing data. In this case, export used to be unavailable
  • optimised Sitemap generation algorithm for images (images are now generated relative to Google recommendations)
  • fixed the redundant count of the ALT tags content for favicons (ignoring the ALT for files inside the HEAD tag)
  • optimized the feature of exporting user-visible fields to Excel instead of all the existing fields
  • fixed a bug when the program sent incorrect headers to the server during the website scan
  • fixed a server connection error that occurred when checking for version updates
  • fixed incorrect parsing of the ALT and TITLE tags for images
  • fixed the duplicate count of the H1 and Description tags
  • fixed issues that could occur during the program registration
More info:


Established Memeber
New version SiteAnalyzer 2.8.1

In version 2.8.1 we added scrolling when selecting cells with the mouse, fixed bugs in the Dashboard tab, connected proxies now work globally in the whole program.


What's new:
  • proxies now work when checking for updates, program registration, and on the data extraction rules test form
  • added an option to open the selected URL on in the «Info» panel's incoming and outgoing links and in the «Custom filters» tab
  • added scrolling when selecting cells with the mouse, and also fixed copying data from cells using Shift + PgUP/PgDown
  • fixed a bug that occurred when exporting Dashboard tab data to *.PDF, when the site optimization evaluation was taken from another project
  • fixed a bug that occurred when the test form of the data extraction rules did not always load the source code of the page by URL
  • fixed a bug that occurred in the Dashboard tab when the data was not updated after rescanning project pages
  • fixed a bug where the contents of selected cells in just one line were not copied to the clipboard
  • fixed a bug that did not always correctly identify the contents of the H2 tag
  • added correct XML header when generating Sitemap for images

More info:

P.S. To work in the full version, you will need to re-enter the registration key.


Established Memeber
We have released a new version of SiteAnalyzer, we'd love to hear feedback and suggestions for the new version.

New version SiteAnalyzer 2.9

In version 2.9 we have added the ability to import an URL list into a project, duplicate projects, export a site structure to a MindMap, and create a graph of a site’s top anchor. Moreover, some of the other bugs have been fixed.






What's new:
  • added the ability to import URLs into an active project via clipboard, text file, or Sitemap.xml
  • added the top anchors filter in the «Custom Filters» panel and a graph of keyword density
  • added the ability to export site structure to a MindMap diagram
  • added the ability to duplicate projects (duplicate sites on different URLs)
  • added a new filter containing active (current) page links, i.e. links from a page to itself
  • added the specified response time for each proxy in the «Proxies» settings section
  • added the ability to check the indexing of pages from the imported list of URLs
  • added the ability to specify names for HTTP headers
  • fixed the bug with empty link anchors and ALT texts of images in the «Info» panel
  • fixed the incorrect data extraction from the imported URL list
  • added the export of the imported URL list and the parsing of the H1-H6 tabs in the «Project» mode
  • the settings in the «User Agent», «URL Exceptions», and «URL Sequence» sections are now saved separately for each project
  • the program log is now informed if a site is banned for indexing via the «Robots» meta tag or the «X-Robots-Tag» HTTP header
  • fixed the bug when the «Redirect address» column was empty after scanning pages with the 3xx code
  • the updater module is now integrated into the program so the size of the distribution package has been reduced by 2 Mb
  • after restarting a paused project, % progress is now continued from the last value at the moment of the pause instead of 0%
  • the orphan pages filter (Orphan Pages, pages without external links) has been fixed
  • fixed the «Access Violation» bug that appeared after deleting the newly created project
  • fixed a bug that caused duplication of the last line when exporting a custom report to Excel
  • plenty of other minor bugs have been fixed
More info:


Established Memeber
SiteAnalyzer 2.9.6 Released! In this version accelerated loading of projects, incorrect parsing of internal and external HTML was fixed when using XPath method, fixed «Access Violation» error that appeared during site scanning...


What's new:
- accelerated loading of projects (important for «large» sites)
- incorrect parsing of internal and external HTML was fixed when using XPath method
- combined accounting of duplicate pages URLs with and without slash, and added redirection accounting
- fixed «Access Violation» error that appeared during site scanning
- added error messages in the program log about loading project data



New Member
SiteAnalyzer is a free SEO spider and audit tool that helps analyze and evaluate the SEO health of a website. It provides valuable insights and recommendations to improve website performance and organic search rankings. Some key features of SiteAnalyzer include:
  1. Website crawling: SiteAnalyzer crawls your website, similar to how search engines do, to identify issues and gather data about your web pages. It helps you understand how search engines view and index your site.
  2. SEO audit: The tool performs an SEO audit, analyzing various on-page factors such as meta tags, headings, URLs, images, internal and external links, and more. It checks for issues like missing or duplicate meta tags, broken links, or poorly optimized content.
  3. Technical SEO analysis: SiteAnalyzer examines technical aspects of your website, including site speed, mobile-friendliness, XML sitemap, robots.txt file, and website structure. It highlights any technical issues that could impact your SEO performance.
  4. Keyword analysis: The tool provides insights into keyword usage and optimization on your website. It helps identify keyword opportunities, analyzes keyword density, and assesses the relevance of your content to target keywords.
  5. Backlink analysis: SiteAnalyzer analyzes your website's backlink profile, including the number of backlinks, their quality, anchor text usage, and link diversity. It helps you assess the authority and trustworthiness of your link profile.
  6. Competitor analysis: The tool allows you to compare your website's SEO performance with that of your competitors. You can identify areas where your competitors are performing better and gain insights to improve your own SEO strategy.
  7. Reports and recommendations: SiteAnalyzer generates comprehensive reports summarizing the findings and recommendations for improving your website's SEO. It provides actionable insights to optimize your site and enhance your search engine visibility.
SiteAnalyzer is a helpful tool for website owners, marketers, and SEO professionals who want to analyze and optimize their websites for better search engine rankings. However, it's important to note that while SiteAnalyzer provides valuable information, implementing the recommendations and taking further actions to improve your website's SEO performance are crucial for long-term success.
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