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Social Media SEO?


Dale Olorenshaw

New Member
Good Morning All,

This is a random question, but one i want to clarify...

Is there such a thing as Social Media SEO? By this i mean, are there certain rules and strategies you can follow to boost exposure of posts and profiles on Facebook for example without using paid advertising, just like general SEO strategies.
I have witnessed a debate recently whereby one individual was saying "you shouldn't post duplicate content on Facebook or instagram as it harms the reach and exposure of your posts and profile".

I get the feeling this individual has taken what they have learned from general SEO and trying to apply it to social media. I get the feeling this isnt the case?

i hope that makes sense? I disagree with what they are saying but would like reassurance :)


Staff member
Established Memeber
I have witnessed a debate recently whereby one individual was saying "you shouldn't post duplicate content on Facebook or instagram as it harms the reach and exposure of your posts and profile".

Yeah load of rubbish, the perils of a little knowledge makes you daft :D


New Member
Yes, rest assured social media content plagiarism is not an issue, as of yet.

Like you mentioned there are social media best practices and the integration of social media channels to your website as part of your SEO strategies, but not in the aspect of duplicate content.


New Member
I have not seen any damages to websites that posts duplicate content on social media. I mean we do it all the time especially if we ran out of content. ;)


New Member
How do you do SEO for Social Media for pages or profiles? Answer is: You cannot because you are dealing with the platform's algorithm with which you cannot do much. As far as copying the content is concerned. You do not copy it, you curate content. Curating content is acceptable and copying is outright violation of platform's rules. Also, out of many social media strategies curation has worked best for me but curation needs to be appropriate and on point or else one would miserably fail to deliver the message. Since, we are talking about Social Media then you must know that these platforms, especially Facebook has clamped down on the organic reach in order to get more advertisers pay for showing their content to masses. Organically, things still go viral but that is the type of content that starts like a wildfire, even the curated ones.
Jennifer Neon

Jennifer Neon

Established Memeber
Good Morning, @Dale Olorenshaw
Social Media is a buzzing topic in the industry. Also, entrepreneurs have been raising question does Social Media really help in bringing organic traffic?
The Answer is Yes, but talking of the significance it's very low as compared to other On-Page techniques. Social signals do not contribute directly to the ranking of a website for the following reasons:
  • Google or any other Search Engine do crawl the Social media Pages but it treats them as simple HTML pages.
  • Search Engines do not count the number of shares or followers as a factor for ranking on SERPs.
  • The process of sharing takes place 24/7 which is much quicker than a search engine can even crawl and index them and keep track of them.
But this does not mean you cannot bring traffic with the help of social media. Social Media has its own method which can help you win the game of ranking if played correctly.
Social Media Content gets crawled and indexed:
If a quality content published is published on your social media handle on a regular basis it can make a huge difference to your overall content marketing campaign.
The scenario is that if your social media posts (Article, Blog or Infographic) gets a lot of attention and are searched more often by people it gets up indexed at a quicker rate and helps you in increasing your rank and gaining organic traffic.
Social helps in building authority:
Authority is a key factor that is much needed for improving the ranking of a page. Authority depends on 2 factors:
  • It increases with time when you regularly keep publishing that connects with your target audience.
  • By getting high-quality backlinks.
Social Media can be very helpful in providing you backlinks. The reason being chunks of data gets shared over Social Media Platforms. If you focus on creating a network that includes your target audience and your content connects with their queries then your content has possibilities to be shared at relevant places.
Involvement of Real People:
SEO is not all about technical stuff like keyword optimization, Meta Tags, etc it also requires real-world humans.
The major goal of SEarch engines is to provide their users with Quality Content that has relevancy with their search query. This means your page can be ranked if the user clicks, visits your page and stays there for some time.
Social Media is all about real human beings. It has people who want to connect with people who show some sort of relevancy to their interests and seek their answers from there.
Social Media helps you selecting and knowing your target audience and let you know about them in a better manner with a faster rate.

  1. If I want to summarize Social Media SEO I would say:
  2. Try to get Quality Backlinks.
  3. Build a strong following with your audience.
  4. Try building a brand among your community
  5. Analyze what your audience wants and solve their queries
  6. Publish Quality Content
  7. Be an Active Member.
Social Media is growing at a very fast pace and is becoming an unavoidable part of SEO because it's free to provide content over social media and involves real people. It makes your SEO activities effective and lucrative.
Social media platforms like search engines are becoming an integral part of searching for information on a daily basis.
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