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Why is a long tail keyword more SEO worthy than short-tail?

HMS Naveen

HMS Naveen

New Member
When I learning about the way to rank Keyword on SERP, One term has crossed many times "USE LONG TAIL KEYWORD". Here My doubt is Why long tail keyword more SEO worthy than short-tail? and Is any new practice I need to follow to Change my website keywords from Short Tail to Long Tail?


New Member
Google for long tail keyword than short tail and medium tail keywords.


New Member
Its a good, and a huge topic to cover in a comment but, here is the summary of what this is all about.
Google wanted to understand searchers intent therefore they created humming bird algorithm. It mainly focuses on understanding users search intent. They classified search intent into three segments:
1. Informational: Deals with general information search queries. e.g. When was King George born?
2. Navigational: Mainly deals with the navigational queries. e.g. Where can I book the driving test in Harrow?
3. Transactional: Best dinning places in London?

Just use variables in content, for example recently I put together a content for one of the dentists, here is how I drafted it:

What level of Perfection should I expect?
Are veneers pain free?
How many appointments do I need?
How long does veneer last?

Idea is to build your content by keeping searchers intent in mind.
Please like my comment if you find it useful. Thanks...


New Member
There are few concepts in that
Long tail keywords are more specific than short tail keywords
Long tail keywords are easy to rank and target than short tail keywords
It has less search volume but it is effective and less competitive.


New Member
long tail keywords have fewer competitions, so it is easy to rank them quickly. Long tail keywords can be used to index a website quickly. But these type of keywords has less number of searches as compared to the small keywords.
Jennifer Neon

Jennifer Neon

Established Memeber
Hi HMS Naveen, I hope you are doing well with your SEO journey.
I know many SEO guides tell you about focussing on Long-Tail Keywords instead of the Short-Tail. Yes, this is true and agreeable as it helps to rank on keywords which are of less competence and are easy to rank but this never means you can totally forget or let away with the Short-Tail keywords. While starting with your SEO journey or reading about keyword research you might have come across the famous graph of the keywords versus searchability :

To go for a deep explanation I'll take the example of a t-shirt as our keyword. Now as the graph states when you focus short keyword phrase as I have stated earlier t-shirt you will though the search volume (Number of Searches) for the phrase is high but the competition is also high which if you have site which of less authority or a new eCommerce store it could be difficult for you to rank with this phrase on the SERPs.

As shown above, though the Search Volume is high but the competition is also high,
Have a look at another situation:

In the above let's assume you sell red t-shirts for men and by using the phrase "red t-shirt for men" you'll observe even though your search volume dropped but in return, you get a keyword phrase which has 0 competition. Thus making it easy for you to climb the ladder to the top in the SERPs.

But as I was saying earlier you can use Long-Tail keywords but the phrase you might be thinking to rank upon might not have any search volume. Have a look at another example:

You'll a keyword phrase mentioned above in the has no Search Volume.

So I would conclude by saying that you need to take the Long-Tail keywords into account without letting the search volume slipping off from your hand.

Hope this answer was helpful :)

Have any queries regarding SEO or Content Writing don't hesitate in messaging me about your Queries. Let's Make SEO fun.
Thank You :)

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